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The best offers for Valentine’s Day 2023: enjoy a romantic getaway in your rental car 


The best ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day are usually those where you surprise your partner by organising a special plan that you can do together. Romantic trips and getaways are usually the most popular ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a very important day of the year for the most romantic among us. And one of the most popular romantic plans for 2023 is to organise a driving trip with your partner. 

Car rental on Valentine’s Day could be a perfect display of love. Think about spending several days together, just the two of you, exploring all the places that you’ve dreamed about going back to, at your own pace, with no pressure, organising your romantic trip with no time constraints or crowds. Your car, your schedule and your romantic getaway. Have you thought, for example, of renting a car at Mahón airport and enjoying the tranquility of the coves of Menorca? Surely there is more than one getaway plan that you are looking forward to making.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic getaway in your favourite car 


Are you still wondering what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day? At Record go we have a great idea for an original gift that will allow you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with whoever you like, whether it be your partner, your friends or your family. Book your rental car now to explore any area you like, in the best of company. The 14th of February this year is a Monday, so it is the perfect opportunity to get away for two or three days. 

Choose your favourite destination: 

You can discover all the most beautiful towns of Valencia or Alicante: Dénia, Altea, Jávea or Elche. 

Travel to Málaga and spend Valentine’s Day on the Costa del Sol, exploring all the unmissable spots: Mijas, Nerja, Ronda or Antequera. 

Surprise your partner with a getaway to the Balearic Islands and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the intimacy of Palma de Mallorca. 

How about travelling to Portugal and discovering Porto or Lisbon with an unforgettable trip in your rental car? 

Once you’ve decided on the location that you’d like to explore with your partner, it’s now time to choose the car you’d like to share with them for this romantic weekend. 

At Record go we have updated our fleet of vehicles, offering a wide range of models for you to choose from. We’re sure you’ll be able to find the car that you’ve always dreamed of driving. Now is the time to do it! Free cancellation is always included, as is Total Comfort Cover, which means that you’ll always be covered against different types of damage, and get premium roadside assistance. 

All these are benefits that you’ll get when you book your hire car online. You’ll get the best price, and be able to take advantage of all sorts of deals and special rent-a-car offers.


Special Valentine’s Day 2023 offer for your romantic getaway 


Take advantage of the special car rental offer we’ve prepared for Valentine’s Day 2023 and book your vehicle now for your romantic getaway. 

Celebrate Saint Valentine and the most romantic day of the year with a 35% discount on your rental car. And if that wasn’t enough, since the surprise is to share the experience with your partner, we are also offering a free additional driver for your car rental. 

Because, although it’s a beautiful thing to tell your loved ones how much you love them while at home, telling them while on holiday at a faraway location is even better. 

It’s that quick and easy. Take advantage of our offers and book now. That romantic getaway you’ve been dreaming about for so long can now become a reality. Valentine’s Day is a day for love... and what we love is travelling! 


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