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Car hire a family car in Alicante

The summer holidays are getting nearer and nearer, and you’re sure to be finishing off all the preparations so you can disconnect with your family at one of your favourite destinations: Alicante.  
Alicante is a province with a great deal of charm, and which receives thousands of visitors a year, most of whom arrive in summer, like you.

Enjoying its coasts, its good climate and its cuisine are several of the key points that make you decide on this destination when preparing your summer holiday, which is why we know that hiring a family car in Alicante is one of the aspects of your trip that you’re already considering.  


Advantages of hiring a family car in Alicante

Car hire a family car in Alicante has a lot of hidden advantages. With a large vehicle the logistics of your family trip become very straightforward, as it allows you to carry all the luggage you may need on your holiday, and with children we know that will be quite a lot. But in addition, travelling with a family car has other great advantages, such as the comfort and spaciousness it offers you inside.  
Travel comfortably with your family by hiring a family car in Alicante


Choosing a large vehicle when hiring a family car in Alicante

If you’re looking for a family vehicle to move around in during your summer holiday in Alicante, you’ve come to the right place. Pay attention, because at Record go we’ll tell you about the family vehicles available to you when hiring a family car in Alicante:  

  • Family.

One of the most requested types of vehicles when hiring a family car in Alicante. Spacious vehicles, expressly indicated for families, whether large or small, who want to travel comfortably and without limitations.   

  • SUV.

Another category of vehicles for families that you will find among our deals for hiring a family car in Alicante. Very comfortable cars due to their height and spacious interior.   

  • People-carrier.

Mainly indicated for large groups, whether families or not, who need more room inside. 
But in addition to all these types of vehicles, at Record go when hiring a family car in Alicante, you’ll also find:  

  • Large vehicles.

A large category of saloon vehicles, but with more interior space in the passenger area.   

  • Full-sized vehicles.

Vehicles with more than 5 seats, in case your trip doesn’t include just children, but the whole family.  


How to book my family hire car in Alicante

If you’ve already decided to book your family car with Record go, we’ll tell you how to go about it with a few simple steps:  

  • Access the Home page on our website and select the destination and dates of your trip.
  • Choose the group of vehicles that best suits your travel needs and the rate that interests you most.
  • Check out the extras available to you and complete your booking.
  • Access the summary of your booking. Check it and choose the payment method (by card or at your destination). We recommend logging in with your Record go Club account so you can enjoy the special discounts we have for you, just for being you. If you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for?! Discover the benefits of being a member of the Record go Club!
  • And lastly, confirm the booking. Easy, right?

If, on the contrary, you prefer to contract your family car hire in Alicante, once you arrive at the destination desk, no problem! Once you arrive at our office, you’ll only have to take a ticket and wait to be attended to by one of our colleagues.  
Go for it! The time has come to hire your family car in Alicante! 
Hope to see you very soon! 


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