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Car hire a family car in Malaga: the best deals for travelling as a family 

Are you ready to get started on your trip to Malaga as a family? We certainly are, because we have the best deals for hiring a family car in Malaga ready for you! Are you going to risk missing out on them? 


The best deals for travelling as a family

Car hire a family car in Malaga is the order of the day this summer, so at Record go you’ll find the best deals on your holiday, to ensure that travelling as a family is very, very easy.  
We know you like to travel, and we know you love doing it with your family, but that sometimes the logistics of a family trip becomes just too complicated. Don't worry! We have the best solutions to help you manage your trip with regard to hiring a family car in Malaga. 


Solutions to make your life easier when hiring a family car in Malaga  


  • The Just Go rate.

Our star rate. A rate that includes a full-full fuel system, unlimited kilometrage (with mandatory free inspection before 3,000 km), Total Comfort cover with no excess and express pick-up. Great, right?  

  • Total Comfort Cover.

The most complete cover, which guarantees the security and tranquillity you need on your family trip. This rate covers collision or theft damage, tyre damage, wheel damage and damage to mirrors, windscreen and windows, antenna, battery and locks. But, in addition, with Total Comfort Cover, you won’t have to leave an excess deposit!  

  • Express pick-up.

Nothing better when hiring a family car in Malaga than the fact of not having to wait at the counter to pick up the vehicle. This extra allows you to be attended with priority at the counter, something that’s very practical when travelling as a family.   

  • GoPad.

A tool that will be useful for both adults and children. This is a Samsung 7” tablet with Wi-Fi and Satnav, where you can find the support you need to entertain your children in the journey from one point on your itinerary to another, and will also be very useful as a Satnav on your trip.   

  • Additional driver.

Another feature that will make your life easier on your trip. Add an additional driver when hiring a family car in Malaga, and you and your partner can share your hire vehicle’s driving hours; alternating both in the driving, and in paying attention to the little ones in the car.   

  • Child seats.

An extra that will help you in the logistics of your trip by saving on the amount of gear you need to carry until you pick up your hire car. Forget about bringing your child seats from home, and contract our child seat hire service when hiring a family car in Malaga.  
All these features are extras that we offer you at Record go when hiring a family car in Malaga. Some are extras with an additional cost, but others are already included in your booking. Browse our website and learn all about them! 


Book your family car hire in Malaga with Record go

As you can see, car hire a family car in Malaga with Record go has a lot to offer you! So, don’t wait a moment longer! Browse our website and discover all the features, prices, rates, covers and extras that we’ve prepared for you on your family holiday. And, remember, there are special offers waiting for you when hiring a family car in Malaga. Are you going to risk missing out on them? 
The best features for travelling as a family are at Record go! 
Your holidays start here! 


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