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Hiring a car in Ibiza with no excess

Among the benefits of hiring a car in Ibiza with no excess is not having to leave an excess in the form of a deposit in the event of damage to the vehicle during the rental. And this is something our clients value a lot, which is why they choose to contract the Total Comfort cover, a cover with great features including being able to forget about the excess.  

Forget about leaving an excess!

Forgetting about the excess means forgetting to worry about the amount of money you have on the card and having to save part of that money to be blocked as a damage deposit, but it also means that you’re going to spend a holiday with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re protected with Total Comfort cover and that you can drive without pressure or anxiety of any kind, leaving you free to enjoy the trip and discover new places.  

Protection against accident and theft: carefree holidays

Something that all the clients who choose to contract Total Comfort Cover also have in common is the search for peace of mind at the wheel. And to opt for hiring a car in Ibiza with no excess is to choose stress-free and worry-free holidays. It’s having complete protection during your holidays, both in case of an accident and in the event of theft of the vehicle.  

Additional features: the most complete excess-free cover

Since we at Record go are aware of the value of a holiday without unforeseen incidents, the benefits of hiring a car in Ibiza with no excess while choosing the Total Comfort cover also include freedom from many other setbacks, including problems related to the vehicle's battery and damages to the wheels, including punctures, which are more common than you might think.

Because it’s not the same to be driving your usual car in the places you normally frequent as finding yourself at the wheel of a new vehicle that probably works differently from yours, and driving along unfamiliar roads while discovering on the fly both the local driving habits and the state of the road.

And it’s precisely in situations such as these when we’re hiring a vehicle where it’s such a good idea to hire a car in Ibiza with no excess and with the most complete cover, so that when we get behind the wheel we do so without having to worry about something unexpected happening and we can focus on enjoying the trip. 

Premium roadside assistance service

To ensure that our clients are protected during the journey, in designing the rate for hiring a car in Ibiza without excess, among the many features offered by the Total Comfort cover we have included premium roadside assistance.

The benefits of this assistance include especially the availability of a 24-hour telephone service and the possibility of making repairs in situ when the characteristics of the breakdown allow for this.

And should it prove necessary to transport the vehicle to our offices to repair it there, this premium assistance service also includes the towing service for towing the car to our offices and changing the vehicle there, at no additional cost, so that our clients can continue exploring the nooks and crannies of the island of Ibiza.


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