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Lexus rental with Record go 

Rent a Lexus with Record go and enjoy all the benefits of driving a premium hybrid.  Choose the Lexus that best suits your needs and drive one of the brands that has revolutionised the luxury car market.

Rent a Lexus Hybrid 

There is a wide range of Lexus vehicles available. The range includes a variety of different models, from compact hybrids, such as the Lexus CT, to crossovers, such as the Lexus UX, the Lexus NX and the Lexus RC, the top-of-the-range crossover. And let’s not forget the sportier models, such as the Lexus IS and Lexus ES sedans.  

Lexus Hybrid technology

The Lexus Hybrid self-charging systems reduce polluting gas emissions to one tenth of the 2014 Euro 6 diesel standard.

Cities such as Barcelona and Madrid have established Urban Zones with Protected Atmospheres, where vehicles that produce high emissions are not allowed to enter, or require a fee to gain access. Vehicles that produce low emissions, such as self-charging Lexus Hybrids, are allowed to access these areas free of charge.

Furthermore, the hybrid engine is more efficient that a conventional combustion engine, which means greater fuel savings.

Lexus cars available exclusively from Record go

The car rental company Record go has shown its commitment to the environment by incorporating Lexus models with hybrid engines into its fleet. It has become the first Spanish car rental company to offer the latest generation of Lexus models within its range of vehicles. As such, Record go has positioned itself at the forefront of companies within the car rental industry that are promoting a new form of driving: silent, intelligent, reliable and respectful of the environment.

The Lexus style

Lexus belongs to a select club of high-end brands that are the most prestigious in the market. Lexus constantly works to incorporate the latest technology into its vehicles. This means that renting one of their cars will always be a safe bet, due to the reliability of their technology, their excellent sound insulation and all the other benefits the come from driving them.

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