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Travel at your own pace with car hire in Madrid

Are you thinking about travelling to Madrid, but you’re still not sure whether to hire a vehicle on arrival?
Dispel your doubts: car hire in Madrid is one of the most requested tourist services by national and international visitors to the city. Why? Because Madrid is a city with an area of approximately 605 km². A big city with so many things to see, where you won’t want to miss even the most hidden spot. 
Car hire in Madrid allows you to enjoy the city from one end to the other, in your own time, because (although it does have public transport) there is nothing better than being able to enjoy your trip at your pace, without worrying about external timetables, without having to carry luggage to and fro and, of course, without extra expenses when travelling by different means of transport. That’s why hiring a vehicle in Madrid is, without a doubt, the best alternative for your trip. 

Relaxed travel with car hire in Madrid 

Relaxed travel hiring a car in Madrid is possible by hiring the best service, always at the best price. To book your car hire in Madrid and so that your booking will be 100% suitable, you should take into account:

  • The type of vehicle which is best suited to my requirements and those of the trip. Think about the areas I want to cover, the options I have for parking, etc.
  • The budget I have available for the rental.
  • What I’m not going to do without. We recommend that, whatever your budget is, you don’t do without having good damage cover and a good rate which will guarantee you the best price for your rental.

Taking into account these factors, the success and tranquility of your trip are assured.

Car hire Madrid airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 4) and car hire Madrid Atocha

However you arrive in the city, by train or plane, you’ll find many options to hire a car in Madrid. Our Record go offices are at your disposal in the airport and the train station to guarantee you the best service.
To book your hire car with Record go, you only have to come to any of our offices upon arrival, or you can also make a booking beforehand, through our website.

The benefits of car hire in Madrid with Record go 

Some of the benefits are:  

  1. Our presence at the places travellers visit most: the train station and the airport.
  2. The fact of being a company with years of experience in the holiday sector and number one for clients in 2018.
  3. We have available an extensive fleet of new vehicles of the best quality.
  4. Putting at your disposal services such as:
    1. Unlimited mileage (with free obligatory inspection).
    2. Free booking cancellation up to 48 hours before the collection date
    3. Our Total Comfort Cover.
    4. Our Just Go rate.  
    5. And our star extra; express pick-up.  

Without a doubt, car hire in Madrid is always the best option to explore the city and at Record go you’ll find everything you need in order to make the booking, so your only concern on the trip will be to enjoy yourself.
You know that the Palacio Real, the Retiro Park, the Puerta del Sol, the Prado Museum and much more are waiting for you in Madrid.

Find out more about car hire Madrid Atocha and car hire Madrid airport (T1 and T4) and discover the amenities we offer you at Record go.

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