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Hiring a car in Malaga with no excess

There are many advantages to hiring a car in Malaga with no excess One of the benefits most valued by our clients is that no excess is blocked on the card provided at the time of rental. So by contracting Record Go’s Total Comfort cover you get a very complete cover during your rental and you don’t have to leave any deposit for damages blocked on your card since it is an excess-free cover.  

No deposit blocking: say goodbye to leaving an excess

And this is more convenient than you may at first think, since there are many times when it’s a problem for a client to have the pre-authorisation for the excess blocked on their card, since people want to have the money available on the card for their holidays and not have it blocked during the entire rental period.  

You’re covered in the event of an accident and theft 

Another advantage of hiring a car in Malaga with no excess with no excess that our clients appreciate the most is to be able to stop worrying about unforeseen setbacks during your rental. Driving with confidence on the roads of Malaga knowing that, in the event of an accident, the Total Comfort cover will protect you. You won’t need to feel overwhelmed if you discover your car has disappeared after dinner. With Total Comfort Cover you have complete protection when hiring a car in Malaga with no excess. 

Cover for common unforeseen incidents

In addition, you will be protected against the most common setbacks, such as, for instance, a puncture or damage to the wheel while driving or having a flat battery after leaving the lights on unintentionally when parked.

These kinds of circumstances might not happen so often if the vehicle we were driving were ours and being driven on the roads we usually drive on, but when we hire a vehicle, we find ourselves with a car that probably has different characteristics from ours, and on top of that, we have to drive it on roads that are unknown to us.

This is why we’ve created the Total Comfort cover in Record go, so that you can enjoy hiring a car in Malaga with no excess and drive the vehicle with the certainty that you know you’re covered in case something doesn’t turn out as you expected.  

The best premium roadside assistance benefits

If you still need more reasons to appreciate that hiring a car in Malaga with no excess with our Total Comfort cover is exactly what you need for your next trip, you should know that the premium roadside assistance service is included in the benefits of the cover.

The many advantages of this service include particularly the possibility of repairing faults in situ without any additional cost, as well as towing the vehicle with a tow-truck if necessary and changing the rental car in our offices.

In short, a very comprehensive assistance service with which you’ll immediately get your vehicle repaired or a new rental car provided so you can continue your journey through the Province of Malaga.


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