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Hiring a car in Mallorca with no excess

Hiring a car in Mallorca Airport with no excess has numerous advantages. One of our clients’ favourite ones is that there is no need to leave any deposit to cover possible damages that may be caused to the vehicle during the rental. And this is possible thanks to Record go’s Total Comfort cover, which offers you extensive coverage during your rental, and protection at the wheel, all with no excess.  

No excess: forget about leaving a deposit

For some clients, having to leave a deposit is a problem because they either don’t have enough funds in their card account to cover the necessary amount or, due to the characteristics of their card, it’s not possible to block this amount. In this sense, having a cover like Total Comfort cover, where you don’t have to block any amount on the card, is a major plus point.  

Cover for damages in the event of accident and theft

Another advantage of hiring a car in Mallorca with no excess is that you’re covered in the event of damages due to an accident and theft. Both if you’re going to the beach on a secondary road and you collide with another vehicle and if your vehicle is stolen while you are bathing in a cove in Mallorca, with Record go’s Total Comfort you’ll be totally covered and you’ll be able to continue enjoying your holidays without having to spend time dealing with setbacks.  

Cover for the most common oversights

In addition, among the benefits of cover and hiring a car in Mallorca with no excess are also the typical breakdowns that can happen to us when we’re on the road, for example, damage to tyres (punctures included) or when we’re far from the car, such as battery problems when we leave the lights on.

All these oversights would probably not happen if we were driving our usual vehicle, because we’re used to it, but when we drive a rental car, to some extent it’s as if we were learning to drive again, because we do so somewhere new with a vehicle that’s different from ours, and that's why hiring a car in Mallorca with no excess is so worthwhile, in order to increase safety at the wheel and drive with the confidence that full cover gives you.  

Premium roadside assistance service

Lastly, another reason why hiring a car in Mallorca with no excess is the perfect option for your holiday is that by contracting our no excess cover you get our premium roadside assistance service. This means having 24 hour roadside assistance that resolves the damage you may have had in situ at no additional cost, and, if necessary, takes you to the offices of Record go to change your vehicle and provides you with the free tow-truck service for towing the vehicle.

Having this full assistance feature included when you hire a car in Mallorca with no excess will really make a difference in your holiday because, should you suffer a breakdown or accident, the vehicle will either be immediately repaired or changed, so you can continue your rental normally and continue discovering the nooks and crannies of the magical island of Mallorca.

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