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Car Hire in Mallorca without a credit card 

About to embark on your holiday adventure in Mallorca? At last, a break from the routine! 
You probably already have everything very well sorted, but with the preparations and last minute issues, questions as simple as whether or not I can hire my car with a debit card may get overlooked ... But, don’t worry! Here you’ll find all the information you need about hiring a car in Mallorca without a credit card. 


Hiring a car in Mallorca without a credit card

Because not all of us like having a credit card, yet don’t want that to be a limitation on accessing services during our holidays, at Record go we make it easy.  
So if you’re thinking of hiring a car in Mallorca airport, you’ve come to the right place! With Record go you can hire a car in Mallorca with your debit card. Easy, right? Because we believe the most important thing is that the process of hiring a car in Mallorca should easy and accessible to everyone, and that’s why we’re one of the few car hire companies that allow you to pay for hiring your car in Mallorca with a debit card.  


Car hire in Mallorca without a credit card: Debit cards

Hiring a car in Mallorca without a credit card makes things a lot easier In our Mallorca you can pay with your debit Visa or Mastercard as well as with:   

  • Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB).
  • Postbank.
  • Visa Premier.
  • Visa Carte Bleue
  • Bankort.
  • and, Danske Bank (DK).

All debit cards! 
Because our goal is to simplify the car hire process as much as possible, so you only have to worry about enjoying your trip. 

In addition, with Record go rent a car you can also book your Car Hire Mallorca with no excess.


How to book my car hire in Mallorca without a credit card

It’s very easy! At Record go we give you several options for hiring a car in Mallorca without a credit card:  

  • Online booking.

If you don’t like waiting till the last minute to book your hire car, online booking is your best ally. Using our website you can book your hire car in Mallorca without a credit card with total security and confidence.  
Our website is straightforward, so by following the steps we’re about to show you, you’ll have the booking done in minutes. Enter our website and discover the fleet and rates we’ve prepared for you for your trip to Mallorca! 

  • Booking by phone.

If you don’t like waiting till the last minute, but new technology isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry! Our best agents specialising in customer service are at your disposal. They’ll help you with your booking and also clear up any doubts you might have. Just call 936 192 468 and we’ll be happy to help you. 

  • Booking at the counter.

And if your priority is to reach your destination and decide on the car you’d like to hire in situ, we also make it easy for you. One of our offices is at your disposal in Mallorca airport itself. There our colleagues will take care of you and will explain all the features you can contract, the rates and the fleet of vehicles available. So, what are you waiting for? Mallorca, here we come! 
As you can see, hiring a car in Mallorca without a credit card is not a limitation when it comes to hiring with Record go. Because we know that most people prefer hiring a car in Mallorca without a credit card, we make things simple for you.  
Go for it! We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

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