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Car hire with no excess

Want to hire a car for your holiday, but are worried about leaving a deposit? Don’t give it another thought! With Record go car hire with no excess is at your fingertips!

We want to adapt to you and your needs to the fullest, which is why we know that being able to have all your money available during the holidays is a priority for you. Having to leave a frozen deposit in your account against possible damages doesn’t fit into your plans, and therefore,not into ours either. Therefore, we offer you the possibility of hiring a car with no excess together with our Just go rate and our Total Comfort cover. 

Like to find out more? Pay close attention to what we have to tell you about hiring a car with no excess with  Record go! 


Forget about leaving deposits with our system for hiring a car with no excess!

Car hire with no excess has a host of advantages, the first and main one being the fact of not having to leave a deposit frozen in your account to cover any possible damages that the vehicle may suffer during its hire, but it’s not the only one! Because with Record go the benefits of hiring a car with no excess are soaring! 


Car hire with no excess with Record go

If you want to enjoy hiring a car with no excess with Record go, you’ll only have to choose one of the two options that we make available for you in hiring your vehicle: Total Comfort cover or the Just go rate.  
Total Comfort cover is a guarantee of security and protection. Why? Because if you choose it for your booking you’ll enjoy the best benefits in the event of accident or theft on your holidays, because nobody ever thinks that this could happen to them when they're away, so it’s important to be fully covered against these possible setbacks, and travel with the assurance that you can disconnect one hundred percent during your holiday.  
Alternatively, the Just go rate offers the possibility of making your hire process much more straightforward. Its benefits include the express pickup of your car, travelling with unlimited mileage - with a mandatory free inspection -, including Total Comfort cover! 


More benefits of hiring a car with no excess with Record go

In case all the benefits of hiring a car with no excess with Record go that we’ve already talked about seem few, we should add two new benefits that you’re sure to appreciate:   

  • By contracting Total Comfort cover, in addition to enjoying car hire with no excess, you’ll enjoy a premium roadside assistance service! Something more than useful should you suffer any setback on your trip.
  • By contracting the Just go rate you can streamline picking up your vehicle in the office thanks to our new digital kiosk service, the Just Go Box!

But, in addition, if you still haven’t decided, we should tell you that to enjoy hiring a car with no excess with Record go  you have a third option: contracting the  Go  Plus rate for your vehicle Why? Because this rate also includes the Total Comfort cover and all its benefits. 
So, have you convinced yourself now about hiring a car with no excess with  Record go ? 

In addition, you can choose your rental without deposit whether you book at one of our offices in Spain or Portugal. Your car hire in Madrid airport or your car hire in Lisbon at the cheapest price and with all the advantages.


Hiring a car with no excess: how to book with Record go

Ready? The time has come to book your hire car with no excess, and you may be wondering: how do I do it? It’s very easy! Whatever the method you choose to make your booking, or do so directly at the counter, you can hire with the  Go  Plus rate, the Just  go  rate, or add Total Comfort cover to your booking. That’s all there is to it! Are you going to miss out on this opportunity?  
Hiring a car with no excess awaits you at Record go. 


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