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Book your hire car in just two minutes with Record go  


Booking your hire car online has never been so quick and easy. At Record go you can hire a car in just two minutes.  

First of all, we recommend that you join the Record go Club. There are a number of different advantages to being a member of the Record go Club:  


  • You will have access to exclusive discounts on your car rentals.
  • You will receive email notifications for all our online offers.
  • You can manage your bookings from your own personal area.

And, above all:  

  • The process for booking car rentals will become even more efficient: when you log in to your account your details will be filled in automatically, so you won’t need to fill in forms for your next rentals.



Quick and easy car rental is possible!  



Booking your vehicle on our website will take no time at all. We’ll now explain how to do it.  


  1. Where and when? Use the search box to select where you want to pick up and return the car, enter the date and time for the collection and return and view the available offers.
  2. Vehicle and rate. Choose the car model that best suits your needs: small, medium, luxury, electric, etc.  Then choose the most suitable rate for you. We recommend the Just Go rate, which is the most comprehensive: you will get the most out of your car rental and won’t need to worry about any unforeseen incidents. There’s not even any excess!
  3. Customise your rental. In the next step of your hire car booking you can improve your rental experience by selecting all the extras that you need. Do you need to add an additional driver to your rental? Maybe you need a child car seat?
  4. Let’s get travelling! Then, finally, fill in your details, enter the payment method and confirm your booking.


Once you’ve confirmed your booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the information you need to pick up your car.  

The whole process will be much faster because you can confirm everything in advance through Easy Check-in, so you can pick up your reserved car immediately. Just fill in your details once and they will then be saved for all future rentals. This will save you time at the counter, making the rental process simpler so you can pick up your car more quickly.    

With the Easy Check-in process and the installation of digital kiosks in many of our offices, we have made the car collection procedure even faster. All of this means you can avoid contact and unnecessary waiting.  


Make your booking quickly and enjoy your car rental  


Easy, right? Car rental with Record go is simpler and faster than ever. Just complete these 5 steps and in a couple of minutes you will have booked your hire car.  

Why not take advantage of our car rental offers right now? Now you know, just choose a destination, a date and a car, then... Your booking is done!  


10% additional discount
on all your bookings
when you register in the Record go Club