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Car hire at Santiago de Compostela airport

Santiago de Compostela is one of the favourite holiday destinations for thousands of national and international visitors who decide to explore the peninsula in search of beauty and historic heritage every year. That’s why car hire at Santiago de Compostela airport has become a more than necessary service to meet the transport needs of these travellers.

One of the main tourist activities of the city, and the one which attracts the most visitors, is the pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago, which is not only attended by Christians in search of reflection and spirituality, but has also turned into a badge and symbol of challenge and personal growth internationally.

One of this town’s treasures is the beautiful Santiago Cathedral, which makes Galicia an example, and welcomes not only the Camino pilgrims, but thousands and thousands of visitors each year. This Cathedral, along with many other buildings, make up the Historic Heritage of the city, which is why in 1985, UNESCO declared the ancient town of Santiago de Compostela a World Heritage Site.

Cheap car hire at Santiago de Compostela airport

If you’re interested in car rental at Santiago de Compostela airport, and you’re travelling to the city by plane, you’ve got it easy. At Lavacolla airport, we’ll be waiting for you with our free shuttle service so that you can arrive at our off-airport office.

Once you’re there, you can book your cheap car rental for Santiago de Compostela with Record go.

Some frequently asked questions

  • Why choose cheap car rental for Santiago de Compostela with Record go?
    Because we’re all looking for the best value for money, and that’s what defines us. Because travelling and exploring the cities which most interest us doesn’t have to be expensive, which is why at Record go we choose the best rate and covers so that, as well as making you feel safe and protected on your trip, you can enjoy the experience knowing that you are paying the best price.
  • Can I book my car in advance?
    Yes, with Record go you can book your hire car at Santiago de Compostela airport in advance. You just have to get in touch with us through our booking phone number, or visit our website, where you’ll find all the information you need about vehicles, rates, covers and extras.
  • Can I book upon arrival?
    Booking a car at Santiago de Compostela upon arrival, without booking in advance, is also possible with Record go. Once you land, let us take you to our office, and at the desk, you can make your booking.

Santiago de Compostela airport

Lavacolla airport is the busiest airport in Galicia, and the second busiest in the north of Spain, with up to almost 3 million passengers every year.

One of its characteristics is that the last stage of the Camino de Santiago passes through its surrounding areas, which is why car hire at Santiago de Compostela airport is the order of the day.

What to do with my hire car in Santiago de Compostela

Surely you already have in mind many things to do in Santiago and many places to visit, but at Record go we are passionate about our destinations, which is why, with the freedom that your hire car will give you on your trip, we recommend that you don’t let the chance to visit these marvellous places get away:

  1. Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.
  2. Portico of Glory.
  3. The Pilgrim’s Mass and its famous ‘Botafumeiro’ (ceremonial incense burner).
  4. La Plaza del Obradoiro.
  5. Bonaval Park.
  6. El Monte do Gozo.

And, between visits, its imperative that you stop off to enjoy Galician cuisine, so make the most of your hire car and get to know Santiago and Galician culture thoroughly.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the entire city and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

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