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Hiring a small car in Alicante: Shall we go on holiday?

At last the holidays are here! And with it a longing for the beach and the coast. Yes, because we know that with the heat there’s nothing more refreshing that travelling to a destination by the sea and enjoying sun and sand tourism, and there’s nowhere better to do it than the Valencian coast. 
The Valencia Region welcomes millions of summer visitors each year, whether from the peninsula itself or from abroad, and everyone’s favourite destination is the province of Alicante. So, if that’s also where you’ve chosen, what are you waiting for to learn about hiring a small car in Alicante?  


Hiring a small car in Alicante: why a small car?

If you’re wondering why we’re talking to you about hiring a small car in Alicante, it’s because to get around the province in summer there’s no better option.  
Whatever your final destination in Alicante –Xàbia, Dènia, etc.– we know that if you visit Alicante on your holiday it’s to discover its coast, and also because you want to do it as comfortably and practically as possible. That’s why we recommend you hire a small car in Alicante for your holiday.  


Advantages of hiring a small car in Alicante for your summer holidays

Getting around Alicante in a small car has a lot, really a lot, of advantages:  

It’s not to be scoffed at! 

Cuisine tour with your small hire car in Alicante 

On top of all this, travelling with your small hire car in Alicante lets you discover each eatery, because who doesn’t want to eat well on their holiday in Alicante? 
The best tapas, rices and Mediterranean cuisine from the Valencia Region await you in each city and port in the province, and by hiring a small car you’ll be able to discover them all! Are you going to miss out on it?  
These are some of the classic Alicante dishes you shouldn’t dream of missing out on during your holiday. Take note!:  

Enjoy them! 


Hiring a small car in Alicante with Record go 

If you’ve been persuaded that hiring a small car in Alicante is the best option for you and your summer holiday, it’s time to think from whom to hire it.  
At Record go we have the best offers and provisions in small car hire in Alicante airport for you. Browse through our website and discover our coverage, fleet of vehicles and much more that will really impress you. Besides, if you have any questions, our colleagues in the call centre will be delighted to help you.  
You’ll be able to make your booking at Alicante airport itself or through this website. 
So what do you say? Shall we go on holiday together? 
See you there! 


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