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Offers for Christmas getaways: ideas for preparing your Christmas road trip 


If you enjoy travelling and are thinking about the destination for your next getaway, now is the time to discover everything that Spain and Portugal have to offer. And this doesn’t only apply to the summer season, as the mild weather and long daylight hours in Spain throughout the year are important factors to take into account when planning a trip. A Christmas getaway to this country is full of charm and offers many advantages. 

You already know that there are a never-ending number of destinations available for a quick trip, and by renting a car for the weekend or for three or four days you can make the very most of your getaway. You can choose from a countryside getaway, a cultural or leisure weekend, a romantic getaway, a trip with the kids, a relaxing vacation, or many other options. And holidays over Christmas are very cosy experiences, with landscapes full of light and little details that you won’t find at any other time of year. 



Choose a Christmas getaway as a gift and drive your favourite car  



Are you still wondering what to get as a Christmas present this year? Why not take advantage of our car rental offers and book an unforgettable Christmas trip as a gift, for an affordable Christmas plan that everyone will love. At Record go we have a great idea for an original gift that you can share with whoever you like: your partner, your friends, your family, etc. Book your rental car now to explore any area you like, in the best of company. Christmas and the month of December are perfect times to take a getaway for two, three or more days.  


Would you like to travel more often in a cheaper, faster, safer and more comfortable way? Well take note, because if you’d like to travel through Spain and Portugal and you’re looking for a means of transport, car rental is the most popular option for taking a getaway. Here are just some of the advantages: 


  • Save time and create your very own experience. 

With your hire car you can take even greater advantage of your Christmas holidays. Forget about the restrictive transport timetables and get about freely with whoever you like.    

  • Take advantage of our Christmas travel offers to all the best destinations. 

If you join our Record go Club, completely free of charge, you can take advantage of the best discounts to all the BEST destinations in Spain and Portugal. 

  • Enjoy your getaway in safety and with peace of mind. 

Choose the car that best suits your needs from a fleet of vehicles that are constantly being updated. You can also travel with our Just Go rate, the most comprehensive on the market.  


Now you know how you can enjoy a change of routine at the most special Christmas destinations. 



Ideas for travelling through Spain at Christmas: the best Christmas destinations 



If you come to Mallorca by plane, after landing you can pick up your hire car at Palma Majorca Airport to begin your tour of the island without wasting even a minute. 

A getaway to the Balearic Islands is a great option for enjoying a few days over Christmas right next to the sea. 

However, if you don’t want to leave the mainland but still want to enjoy some sun, beaches and a tour of various Mediterranean villages, there’s nothing better than a road trip through Valencia and Alicante, or through Málaga. 

Or you could even book a Christmas trip to enjoy some cultural or leisure tourism in Barcelona or Madrid, or take a gastronomic tour through Bilbao or Seville. 

You could enjoy your Christmas in Málaga or Mallorca, but... Would you prefer a getaway to Portugal? 



Ideas for travelling in Portugal over Christmas 



You could spend Christmas exploring Porto, or  rent a car in Lisbon and discover the capital of Portugal and some special and charming towns like Sintra, where you can enjoy its incredible castles, palaces and villas.  


There are endless options for Christmas getaways and destinations throughout Spain and Portugal. Take advantage right now and book your hire car for your weekend getaway. Stop dreaming about travelling, make it happen! And above all, take advantage of all the fabulous affordable destinations this Christmas. 


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