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Cleaning and disinfection with ozone

Go Safe Plan: ready for the new normal  
Many of you are returning to work and are going to choose hire cars to avoid crowds and public transport. Faced with this “new normal” and given the situation we’re going through, we want to turn our branches and vehicles into safe spaces for our customers and team members. 
The objective of this Go Safe Plan is to neutralize the incidence of microorganisms, especially viruses such as Covid-19. At Record go, we’ve reinforced the standard cleaning processes of our vehicles and now they’ll also undergo a process of disinfection with ozone.  
In addition, all our branches and buses will also undergo an exhaustive cleaning process in order to be able to offer maximum rental safety. 

People first: safer offices  
Our staff have regulatory PPE in order to carry out their activities in safe conditions and, as an extra protective measure, we’ve provided screens at our branch counters.  
In addition to cleaning and disinfecting areas daily, interactive elements and payment terminals will be disinfected after each transaction.    

Protocol for cleaning and disinfecting with ozone in vehicles: 10 steps which guarantee your safety  
  1. We pick the car up from the return area and take it to the washing area.  
  2. We check the vehicle interior and remove any lost property. Our workers are equipped with regulation PPE and will use gloves steeped in disinfectant.  
  3. We vacuum the interior of the vehicle.  
  4. We disinfect the interior of the car, paying special attention to critical spots like the gear stick, glove compartment, ignition switch, seat belts, steering wheel and dashboard. 
  5. We disinfect the windows and handles of all four doors.  
  6. We take the car to the tunnel car wash with a pressure spray gun.  
  7. We disinfect the exterior paying special attention to critical areas like handles, doors and the boot.  
  8. We move the car to the collection area.  
  9. We carry out a final interior disinfection with ozone with the doors closed and the engine running. In this way, the particles penetrate every crevice of the car and the air ventilation ducts.  
  10. We seal and certify the vehicle, disinfect the key and leave it ready for the next customer. 
Vehicle collection and return process: maximum prevention 
So that the risk of infection is as low as possible and in order to be able to guarantee better safety for vehicle collection, the maximum capacity of our branches will be two people, respecting the safety distance of two metres which exists between counters.  
If you haven’t come alone, your companions will have to wait outside, respecting the safety distance. Customers in the queue will also have to respect this distance. In airport offices the queue will be marked on the floor to ensure that social distancing is respected.  

When you come to collect the hire car:  
  • We disinfect the key with gel in front of the customer.  
  • The hire contract will be paperless (although we can print it if necessary).  
  • You’ll have sanitizing gel and gloves at your disposal.  
When you come to return the hire car:  
  • The vehicle key should be given to one of our Rental staff, who’ll put it aside for disinfection.  
  • The vehicle inspection will be done from outside, with only minimal contact being made with the car.  
  • Tablets and extra hired devices will be disinfected after every use. 
Is it safe to use the Shuttle bus? 
We’ve also reinforced the hygiene processes on our buses. We clean the key areas of the interior and exterior of the vehicle and disinfect them with ozone after every service, with the air conditioning turned on.   
In addition, we’ve installed screens in each row, we offer sanitizing gel and gloves and in order to avoid crowds we guarantee that the social safety distance will be respected so that everyone has a safe journey. 

Car hire in the main airports of Spain and Portugal

Unlimited mileage

with compulsory free inspection after 2000 km

Airport offices

In Ibiza, Valencia, Barcelona and Sevilla: free shuttle service.

Free cancellation 

Up to 48 hours in advance for fees that admit cancellations

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