Complaint processing system


The purpose of this procedure is to regulate the activity and the system for handling complaints and claims sent to (hereinafter RGO):





How complaints and claims are submitted

Customers should ideally submit complaints and claims by using the form. This can also be done in person or in writing to any of the RGO offices.


First stage of the procedure

The first stage of the procedure should involve the claimant presenting a document containing the following information: 

  • The full name, ID card number and home address of the interested party and, if applicable, the duly authorised person who represents them.
  • The reason for the complaint or claim, with a clear explanation of the issues related to the matter that needs to be resolved.
  • The office(s), department or service where the events behind the complaint or claim took place, along with the contract or booking number that relates to said complaint or claim.
  • Confirmation that the claimant has no knowledge of the issues surrounding the complaint or claim being dealt with by an administrative, arbitration or legal procedure.
  • Location, date and signature.

The claimant may also provide any documentary evidence in their possession that they deem relevant to substantiate their complaint or claim.


Accepting complaints and claims

Once the complaint or claim has been received by the Customer Service Department, we should send a confirmation receipt to the interested party and open the corresponding file.

Upon initial review of the complaint or claim, if we find that we do not have sufficient information regarding the claimant’s identity or we are unable to clearly establish the events surrounding the complaint or claim, the information or documentation provided will need to be completed or rectified appropriately within a maximum period of 15 working days. We should warn the claimant that if we do not receive the required information or documentation within this period, the complaint or claim will be filed without processing.

RGO may refuse to process complaints or claims in the following cases: 

  • If information is omitted that is essential for processing, if the reason for the complaint or claim is not specified or if it is not substantiated within the period mentioned in the previous section.
  • If claims or complaints are repeatedly raised by the same customer or claimant related to the same events that have already been resolved.
  • If the issues behind the complaint or claim correspond to other departments or have already been resolved previously.
  • If it becomes known that a complaint or claim is already being processed, or there is an ongoing administrative, arbitration or legal procedure related to the same matter, then said complaint or claim should not be processed.

If we refuse to process a complaint or claim, this decision should be recorded on the complaint or claim sheet, with due justification. We should then send an email to the claimant to confirm that their complaint or claim has been closed, explaining the reasons or criteria that led to this decision.



While processing the complaint or claim file, the Customer Service Department may collect any information, statements, reports or pieces of evidence it considers relevant for making its decision, whether it be from the various departments or services at RGO or from the claimant themselves.



The claimant may withdraw their complaint or claim at any point, which will thus close the complaint or claim process.


Completion and notification

The complaint or claim file must be completed within a maximum period of one month from the date when it was raised with the Customer Service Department.

The decision must always be justified and contain a clear resolution for each complaint or claim. It should also be founded on the terms of the contract and the applicable standards for transparency, customer protection and good business practices.

The decision should be communicated to the interested party within 10 days of being made, ideally by email, but failing that, by post.

If this deadline passes without the Customer Service Department communicating their decision, or if said decision is deemed unsatisfactory, the claimant may take their complaint or claim to any court or consumer authority they deem appropriate.


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