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Courtesy period for returning the vehicle.  



Does Record go have a courtesy period for returning the vehicle?  The answer is yes. As stated in the ‘Collection and Return’ section of our FAQ, we offer a 59-minute courtesy period from the time indicated in your contract to return your vehicle.    



How does our courtesy period work? 




First of all, the courtesy period does not mean that the vehicle can be returned up to 59 minutes later than the return time indicated in the contract. The courtesy period is related to the daily rate of the rental and ensures that, when setting the return time in the contract, an additional day is not added to your rental. 

We charge a daily fee for each 24-hour block. Every time you complete 24 hours between pickup time and delivery time, we add one day to the rate. This is simpler than it seems on paper. 

For example, a 24-hour rental means 1 day's rent. A 48-hour rental means 2 days of rental. 

In addition, each new 24-hour block, even if not complete, means adding one more day to the reservation. Therefore, a rental that lasts from 10:00 a.m. one day until 2:00 p.m. the next day, implies a rental period of 28 hours, which is 2 days of rental. 

This is where our courtesy period comes in. We give up to 59 minutes to return the car, so an additional day won't be added, as long as you have specified this in the contract. For example: A rental of 24 hours and 50 minutes, would be two days (24 hours plus almost 1 hour more) but thanks to our 59-minute courtesy period, we only charge for one day. 

However, this courtesy period is applied at the time the contract is signed, because this is when you choose the return time. Once you have determined a time, if you do not return the vehicle before that time, it will be considered a breach of contract. 

The best way to avoid any inconvenience is to be forward-looking and manage it during the reservation or when signing the contract. 

Whether you make your reservation far in advance or at short notice, keep in mind that there is no charge for modifying your reservation with Record Go until the moment you show up at our counters to sign the contract and collect the vehicle. So, you can always modify the return time before signing the contract, without any penalty. 



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