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Brexit Update: Can I use my UK driving Licence in Europe? 


If you are thinking of coming to Spain or Portugal after Brexit, you need to know that from 1 January 2021 UK driving licences are subject to the general rules on licences issued by non-EU countries. 

But do not worry, driving in Spain isn’t going to be too different to after Brexit. If you come on holiday and the details on your driving licence are in Roman characters, and is currently valid, you won’t have any problems. The same applies if you have decided to travel to Portugal after Brexit. 

Do remember that as was also the case before, we cannot accept photocopies or faxed copies of licences. You will always need to present the original document. 


And if I spend more than 6 months in Spain?


If you are not coming on holiday and have decided to live in Spain, you’ll need to exchange your foreign driving licence for a provisional one, or have your licence officially validated. You can do this through the Dirección General de Tráfico. 


As long as you bear in mind these updates that affect your driving licence, then all you need to do is simply enjoy being on the road! But it’s a good idea to take a few more points into account. 


Tips for UK drivers in Spain and Portugal 


We know that your driving licence isn’t your only concern, you’ll also have to think about the differences that affect you when you’re actually driving. 


The main and very obvious difference is that we drive on the other side of the road. In both Spain and Portugal, motorists drive on the right


But there are some other regulations that you should also be aware of in order to make sure that you have a pleasant driving experience with no nasty surprises. Here you have a few of them: 


  • It’s mandatory for everyone travelling in the car to wear a seat belt. Passengers under the height of 135 cm must use an officially approved system of restraint (usually a child seat). Remember that if you do not have one, you can hire the seat that best suits your needs from us.


  • Careful with the speed limits. Just a reminder that all our signage is in kilometres, and that speed limits apply on all roads. On motorways (roads designated autovías or autopistas) it is generally 120 km/h, on main roads 90 km/h, and in urban areas 40 km/h.


  • Mobile phones can only be used if you have a hands-free device. If you need help with directions, remember that with our GoPad you can access all the maps without an Internet connection.


  • Overtaking is only permitted on the left.


  • When you drink, do not drive. The alcohol limit is 0.25 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. Levels any higher than this not only mean that you cannot continue to drive, but that you will be fined as well.


And what about currency exchange?


At Record go we give you the option to pay automatically in any currency. If you need to pay in sterling, whether via our website or at one of our offices, we will let you know what the exchange rate is and apply it right away so that there are no surprises! 

If you ask to pay in your own currency, remember that in the ‘Payment’ (‘Pago’) section of your contract you will see the total amount in euros next to the exchange rate information. 


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