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Electric car rental in Madrid


Car rental has now become one of the most popular options for getting around the city. The advantages are endless: comfort, flexibility, safety and the lowest prices. And on top of this we are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, trying to reduce CO2 emissions by changing our habits and banishing pollution from cities, which explains why electric car rental in urban areas like Madrid has become one of the most popular transport options.

At Record go we make sure we always offer the most cutting-edge vehicles. Our cars have all the latest technological advances and offer the most comfortable, safe and efficient driving experience in a sustainable vehicle. We adapt our service to satisfy all your transport needs by providing you with an environmentally friendly car rental solution. That is why we offer electric car rental in Madrid.


Advantages of electric car rental in Madrid


Major cities are now integrating electric transport options in order to adapt to the new climate we are living in, where there is a high demand for reducing harmful emissions. Something that until recently was just an alternative, has now become very common in cities like Madrid.

If you’re looking for a vehicle to explore the city, electric car rental in Madrid is without a doubt the most profitable and efficient option, as well as the most environmentally friendly.

Electric car rental will enable you to explore the streets of Madrid with no restrictions and in the most sustainable way possible. They are unquestionably the best city cars that you will find on the market right now, offering a hassle-free driving experience in a comfortable space and with all the independence you could need to explore Madrid and its surrounding areas.


Book your electric car rental with Record go and explore Madrid with ease


If you’re looking for a medium-term or long-term electric car rental to explore the centre of Madrid and park without problems, our FlexRent and FlexRent Pro rates are the perfect rental option for you.  It is a safe option for getting around the city or commuting to work, allowing you to avoid the crowds and make the most of the rental by choosing the rate that best suits your needs.

You can pick up your car quickly and easily from our rental offices at Madrid Airport or next to Atocha railway station. The rental also offers all the features you would need to get around with peace of mind. Both rates come with Total Comfort Cover, our most comprehensive cover, which includes Premium Roadside Assistance and cover against damage from accidents or theft. There is zero excess and no need to leave a deposit.

The conveniences and advantages are endless as, in the event of last-minute unforeseen problems, you may cancel your booking and be refunded the full amount as long as you cancel at least 48 hours before the rental begins. 

If you have any queries that you need answers to before booking your electric car rental in Madrid, we are always here to make everything easy for you.



Where can I charge my electric car in Madrid? 


Madrid offers a large number of stations for charging your car. If you need to charge your electric rental car, here is a map with all the different locations where you can charge your vehicle whenever you need. 



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What are the advantages of driving an electric car in Madrid?

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