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Electric car rental in Menorca 


One of the best options for getting around on any of the Balearic Islands is, without a doubt, with an electric vehicle. For this reason, the rental of electric cars has become the most requested form of transport for those visiting Menorca, the second largest island of the Balearic archipelago. 

The island of Menorca is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, as a result of its great ecological value, and there is no better or more appropriate way of crossing the island than through the use of more environmentally friendly and sustainable vehicles. 

The latest automotive technical advances have been targeted towards more efficient and sustainable mobility, avoiding CO2 emissions. At Record Go, we now offer electric car rental in Menorca, as part of maintaining a continually renewed fleet of rental vehicles, so you can travel the island free of any impediment or restriction.  


Advantages of driving an electric vehicle on Menorca 


At Record Go, we have opted to offer more comfortable, safe and efficient driving through the use of sustainable vehicles. We are adapting to satisfy all your mobility needs, as a car rental service that respects the environment, offering the most popular electric vehicles with all the latest technological advances. 

Booking a rental car is the easiest way to discover all the best corners of Menorca. It’s best to book in advance, and we at Record Go have made it easy for you: make the most of our online deals and as soon as you land on the island, your electric rental car will be waiting for you at Menorca Airport – ready to set off exploring the island at your own pace, with total comfort and flexibility. 

There’s no better way to discover and enjoy, without restriction, the paradisiacal landscape – the best preserved of the entire Balearic archipelago – than with the most efficient and sustainable cars on the market. 


Electric car rental in Menorca: everything you need for your long-term rental 


If you’re looking for a long or medium-term electric car rental in Menorca, our Menorca rental rates – with FlexRent and FlexRent Pro rates – adapt to suit all your needs. 

The safest and more affordable option for exploring the island or for your daily commute, avoiding the crowds, gaining flexibility and enjoying a host of benefits: 


Where can I charge my electric car in Menorca? 


To make your stay in Menorca with your electric car as comfortable as possible, we have provided this map with all the charging points that you can use throughout the island of Menorca.



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What are the advantages of driving an electric car in Menorca?

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