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All the advantages of opting for an electric rental car 


Interest in renting electric cars is ever increasing. Driving an electric car is not only a great way to try out the new technological advances in driving – being more efficient, silent and reliable, while offering less restrictions – it has also become an essential measure in order to beat pollution in big cities. 

Today, car rentals are one of the preferred options for getting around the city, given its various advantages: comfort, flexibility, safety and more affordable prices. On top of all this, people around the world are becoming ever more aware of the environment and beginning to change their habits. Many people are looking to avoid CO2 emissions, and electric car rentals in cities like Madrid have become one of the most requested forms of transport. 


Electric car rental: zero restrictions and more freedom 


At Record Go we make sure to always offer the most cutting-edge vehicles. Our cars have all the latest technological advances and offer the most comfortable, safe and efficient driving experience in sustainable vehicles offering electric mobility. We are adapting our service to satisfy all your transport needs, providing you with an environmentally friendly car-rental solution. 

That’s why we offer electric car rental in Madrid, Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca. With these electric vehicles, you’ll gain access to a host of advantages and benefits: 


Book your electric car with Record Go  


If you’re looking for medium or long-term electric car rental, our FlexRent and FlexRent Pro rates offer you the perfect solution.  A safe solution for getting around the city or commuting to work.  

Avoid crowds and get the most out of your rental. Choose the rental rate that suits you best – according to your estimated mileage or the number of days you’ll need your electric rental car – and book your electric car rental with all the benefits we have to offer. With FlexRent rates, your rental includes Total Comfort Cover. 


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What are the advantages of driving an electric car?

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