Car hire for
19 year olds

Rental from 19 years old. 
Drivers under 25 years old will be charged a supplement.
The driver must be in possession of the driving licence for at least one year (and for some vehicle groups up to 3 years old)
Rental car from 19 years old



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Can I hire a car at 19? 



Are you under 25 and wondering if you can hire a car at 19? Welcome, junior driver! You’ve come to the right place. 

At Record go we’re committed to all customers being able to make their booking and enjoy hiring a vehicle on their holidays and getaways, which is why we provide you with car hire for young people, because for us, your age is not a problem. 

We tell you everything you need to know about car hire for 19 year olds. 




What is the minimum age for hiring a car with Record go rent a car?  




At Record go you can rent a car at 19. Of course, the driving license must be at least one year old, and for some groups of vehicles it can even be required to be up to 3 years old. (You can check all the information about it in point 2.2.2. Driving license of our Terms and Conditions). 

That’s right, car hire for young people of 19 is one of the services we offer our junior customers. If you’re between 19 and 20 years old (inclusive), you can hire your car without any problems with Record go. 




Is it possible for under 21s to hire a car?  




As a junior driver of 19 or 20 years old, You can rent the vehicles detailed in points 2.1. Age requirements and 2.2.2. Driving license of our Terms and Conditions. 




I’d like to hire a car at 21 years old. Which cars can I hire as a young driver? 



Perfect! If you’re a little older (between 21 and 24 years old) and you’ve decided on car hire for young people with Record go, be careful! Because your circumstances are different. You, young driver, can choose your perfect vehicle from our largest fleet of vehicles, as specified in points 2.1. Age requirements and 2.2.2. Driving license of our Terms and Conditions. 




And if I add an additional driver under 21 years old?  




If the main driver is older than 25, but would like to add an additional driver under 21 or 25 years old to the booking, there’s no problem either. 

When making your booking you’ll have to add the extra for “additional driver” and indicate the age of the driver. 

The final price of the booking will add the amount for the extra and the appropriate supplement for the driver under 25. 

If you’ve already decided about car hire for young people under 20 with Record go, then making your booking is simple. Download our app and manage your rental from your mobile. In addition, if you register with the Record go Club, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts on your rental, so that you can make the most of your holiday budget. 

You can also make your booking through our website, from your preferred device. Just remember to register with the Record go Club to enjoy the best offers. 


And we recommend you contract directly with us, without intermediaries, to have the best rental conditions. 

See you very soon! 



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