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Feria de Malaga 2020

August 15th 2019 The city of Malaga is filling with visitors and its streets begin to smell of fried eggplant, pepper, potato omelette and fried fish. The Feria de Málaga is here! That’s how Record go looks forward to it every year, happy to be able to enjoy its programming while tasting the best tapas in the south, together with the famous sweet Malaga wine: The Cartojal.  
There are few festivals that fill the streets of Malaga with gastronomy, festivity and life as much as on the date of the Feria, when the entire city dresses up for its most awaited, representative and internationally known celebration. 
A little history about the Feria de Málaga. 

The celebration of the Feria de Málaga is an event that commemorates the taking of the city by the Catholic Monarchs on August 19th 1487, the date on which the city of Malaga was incorporated into the Crown of Castile.  
The newly formed City Council agreed to celebrate the conquest annually on the day of the Assumption, with the first celebration of the Fair being held on August 15th 1491.  
At the beginning, the programme for the festival only included a small procession. In its second edition, the date of the Feria was transferred to August 19th (the day of Saint Louis) and offered a procession followed by a small bullfight. From the seventeenth century on the pyrotechnic elements were added to the Feria de Málaga, as well as bangers, rockets and fireworks displays. And over the years this programme was expanded to become what is now known as the Feria de Málaga; a great event with several days in which to fully enjoy the traditions that identify the city of Málaga and its people.  
What to see in the Feria de Málaga 

Get ready. It’s time to pack your bags! 
First of all your luggage should include light clothing (remember we’re in the south in the middle of summer), but your clothes should also include a polka dot outfit, be it shoes, a shirt, or, failing that, a large flower for the hair or a Cordovan hat. If you’ve got nothing like that at home, don’t worry! In the Feria de Málaga you’ll be able to get hold of more than one of these. 
Once the luggage is packed we’re off to the Feria de Málaga, and there is the moment to enjoy everything with all five senses: 
  • Sample its typical tapas. 
  • Try its sweet wines (the most famous one in the Feria de Málaga is El Cartojal,although you can also find the famous rebujito). 
  • Immerse yourself in the city’s culture and tradition, getting to know their verdiales (regional Malaga folk dance performances), while listening and watching its flamenco dancing and well-known coplas
  • Soak up its essence of bullfighting with its famous bullfights. 
  • Visit its equestrian shows, its floral offerings and its sacred songs.  
  •  Visit the many exhibitions that are open to the public.  
  • Get to know its fireworks and its pyro-musical shows.  
  • And, above all, enjoy the festival with its booths and pregones, and the great concerts in its Municipal Auditorium featuring national and international artists.  
    Yet, with all this, don’t get the idea that the Feria de Málaga is an event just for couples, friends and adults in general. In the Feria de Málaga the little ones also have their place and fun, lots of fun:  
  • Take them to visit the "Calle del Infierno", full of fairground attractions for children (and the not so young). 
  • Accompany them to enjoy the many children's workshops that take place in the different areas of the Feria.  
  • Take them to see the different performances in the squares. 
  • And both for your sake and for theirs, don’t miss out one of the most representative moments of the Feria de Málaga. The event that starts the Feria Fair and that manages to surprise and attract both adults and children year after year: the lighting of the Real de la Feria artistic illuminations. 
After reading all this, are you going to miss out the chance of getting to know the Feria de Málaga?  
Visit Malaga on the date of the Feria, from August 15th to 24th this year. Hire your car at Record go and move around the city with your family, partner or friends with a cover that suits your requirements. Find out about our special offers, and don’t miss out the chance of discovering the Feria de Málaga this year.  
A host of emotions and sensations are waiting for you! Are you going to miss it out?

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