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Flexrent and Flexrent Pro rates

Private transport is seen as a safe option to move around the city or to commute to work, avoiding crowds.  

If you need a long-term hire car for a medium or large term, we have the perfect option for you. Make the most of your rental with the Flexrent rate or Flexrent Pro option, designed especially for professionals. Choose the one that suits you best!  

What’s the difference between them? The mileage. With Flexrent you can drive for up to 750 kilometres per month, while the PRO option is designed as a rental option for professionals who require more mileage, so you can drive for up to 1200 kilometres per month. In addition, in long-term rentals, extensions of the rental contract are allowed, respecting the prices from the day the booking was made and applying the corresponding amount to the new rental dates. 

Another key feature of these new rates is that they both include Total Comfort cover, our most comprehensive cover. This will cover you against damages caused by collisions or theft. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you will have no need to worry as this cover gives you access to premium roadside assistance. And we will also deliver the vehicle to you with a full tank of fuel, so you don’t even have to waste one single minute. 
Total Comfort Cover 
The most comprehensive cover! Includes Premium roadside assistance and covers damages caused by collisions and theft. This cover also has NO EXCESS, so you will not need to leave any kind of security deposit. This means that you can drive without having to worry about any minor unforeseen problems.  
100% Free cancellation 
In the event of last-minute unforeseen problems, you may cancel your booking and be refunded the full amount up to 48 hours before the rental begins.  
Full-full fuel return system 
The vehicle’s fuel tank will be full when you pick it up, so you don’t need to worry about filling it yourself. If the tank is also full when you return the vehicle to us, we will refund you the amount that you paid for the fuel. It’s that easy!  
Limited mileage 
Both rates offer limited mileage. With the Flexrent rental rate for individuals, you can drive for up to a maximum of 750 kilometres per month while the Flexirent Pro rental rate for professionals provides you with up to 1200 kilometres per month.  


Discover our rate with comprehensive cover.


Why hire a car with Record go?


If you’re looking to move around Spain and Portugal safely and comfortably, hiring a car is the solution for you. At Record go, you’ll find a large fleet of vehicles at the best price so you can enjoy your car rental with no surprises and without intermediaries:


With the Go Safe Plan, we’ve reinforced the standard cleaning processes of our rental cars to the highest standard and following disinfection protocols.


We speed up vehicle collection at our branches thanks to Easy Check in and our digital kiosks, the Just Go Boxes. In addition, your rental contract is digital in order to avoid unnecessary contact and waiting around.


We have a large and modern fleet.  Choose the type of vehicle for you  depending on whether you’re travelling and select the days you’ll need your car.

Rates with coverage

All our rates include either basic or full coverage. Enjoy your holiday with no nasty surprises.

No intermediaries

Always with the Record Go guarantee. With more than 15 years’ experience, we’re one of the top car rental companies in the Spanish holiday sector.


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