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What do I do if I forget something in a Record Go car? 



You go on holidays and rent a car and, for example, during your car hire to Mallorca, you leave something in the car and you don’t realise until after you’ve already returned it. What can you do to get your forgotten item back? We've all had that experience where you park, lock the car, and then a few minutes or even a few hours later, ooooops! I left my sunglasses inside! This is no big deal if it's your own car. But… what if it's a rental? And if we leave something in the car and then return the keys and go home? 

When we rent a car, these types of mistakes are very frequent. It's very easy to get distracted when we are rushing around a busy place (like an airport) that we don't know very well. This results in lots of things, some more common than others, getting left in our cars. 

Taking a moment to thoroughly check the rental vehicle can save us a lot of time and some regret. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 




Contact Record go about lost items in your rental car 



If, despite having gone through all the nooks and crannies of the car before returning the keys, you realise you've forgotten something, there may still be a solution. 

Unfortunately, as we state in our FAQs, Record go is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property left or forgotten in the vehicle during the rental period.   

However, while we can't be held responsible for items forgotten in our vehicles, at Record go, we will always do our best to help you get them back. 

If you have forgotten a personal item in the rental vehicle, please send an email as soon as possible, providing a description of the item, the contract number and the rental dates. 

Contact emails for lost property: 


ALICANTE: [email protected]  

BARCELONA: [email protected]  

BILBAO: [email protected]  

IBIZA: [email protected]  

LISBON: [email protected]  

MADRID AIRPORT: [email protected]  

MADRID ATOCHA: [email protected]  

MALAGA: [email protected]  

MENORCA: [email protected]  

PORTO: [email protected]  

PALMA DE MALLORCA: [email protected]  

SEVILLE: [email protected]  

SEVILLE SANTA JUSTA: [email protected]  

VALENCIA: [email protected]  



How can I retrieve the item after contacting lost property? 



If Lost Property has confirmed that the item has been found and can be retrieved, to pick it up, the same customer should come to the airport, or they can send a duly identified family member or friend to pick it up. They can also arrange for it to be picked up by a courier. 



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