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Luxury car hire in Málaga

Who wouldn’t want to explore the streets of a beautiful city in a truly unique car? Luxury car hire in Málaga is exactly what you are looking for! 
Luxury car hire is already charming enough in itself, but combining it with exploring one of the warmest and most beautifully unique cities in mainland Spain will make your holiday even more incredible.  
Imagine discovering all the interesting places Málaga has to offer, visiting every beautiful corner of the city in a car that is unbelievably comfortable, safe and luxurious. Sounds good, right? Then don’t wait a second longer, discover luxury car hire in Málaga.   


Is luxury car hire in Málaga not too expensive?

Luxury car hire in Málaga does not need to blow your holiday budget. At Record go, you can book your luxury car with the best value for money, while having access to the very best services.  
We don’t want you to have to worry about anything else on your holiday but relaxing, in the knowledge that your travels will be totally safe and covered against every eventuality. Therefore, discover our coverage and services and choose the ones that best suit your needs, and those of your companions and your trip.  


The Record go office in Málaga

If you think luxury car hire in Málaga would be perfect for you, and you are wondering how to find us, it couldn’t be easier. You can find us in Málaga’s own airport, Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport. If you follow these directions after landing at the airport, you will be able to find our offices and collect your car from our car park in no time at all.


Explore Málaga in my luxury car

Málaga has it all, from all the beautiful places within the city, to the striking surrounding areas. Málaga combines the best coastal areas with the best mountain areas, offering you thousands of potential activities as soon as you arrive, and thousands of trips that we’re sure you won’t want to miss. Furthermore, with your luxury car hire in Málaga, there will be nothing stopping you from visiting and doing whatever you feel like throughout the province. 

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So, what do you say? Will you join us?


The best places to go with my luxury hire car in Málaga 


Let’s begin with the closest option: the city

The city of Málaga will be our first stop during this tour of all the places to visit with your luxury hire care in Málaga. It is a very charming port city that is modern and forward-thinking while also embracing history and tradition. The contrast can be seen clearly from its landscape, where you will see large modern buildings in the shadow of the two citadels standing on its hills.  
Málaga is a perfectly balanced city, a blend of history and modernity, beaches and mountains, a city of contrasts and beautiful images that will amaze every one of its visitors.  
So before you arrive, we would like to tell you all the things you must see in the city of Málaga:  

  • Visit the Muelle Uno shopping complex.
  • Wander along Calle Larios.
  • Marvel at the beautiful landscape at sunset from the Mirador de Gibralfaro.
  • Discover the Alcazaba.
  • Explore the Cathedral of Málaga.
  • Discover the ruins of the Roman Theatre.
  • Take a ride on the Málaga ferris wheel and enjoy the views!
  • Explore the Jardín Botánico de la Concepción, Málaga’s botanical gardens.
  • Try the best espetos (skewered sardines).
  • Visit Atarazanas Market.


Feel like going further afield?

Venture out of the city to discover the most incredible places in the province with your luxury hire car in Málaga. You are already familiar with some of its unique features, from its beautiful beaches and warm climate, to a mountain range with an abundance of nature and numerous trails to explore. We would recommend that you visit and explore every inch of Málaga, from the sea to the mountains. Here are some of our favourite places:  

  • The Cape of Punta Chullera.
  • The Artola Dunes.
  • The Maro-Cerra Gordo Cliffs.
  • Bathe in the waters of Barranco Blanco in Coín.
  • Visit the gall oak forest in Parauta.
  • Explore the Cañón de las Buitreras (Vultures’ Canyon).
  • Discover the Sierra de las Nieves nature park.
  • Visit the most beautiful towns and villages in the province.

Don’t wait a moment longer, book your luxury hire car in Málaga and discover all the most beautiful spots in Málaga, from the sea to the Sierra, passing through the city on the way.  
Come and see for yourself!


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