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When choosing the best rent-a-car to travel around Portugal, there are several options to take into account. An increasing number of people are choosing rent-a-car in Porto as their preferred way to travel around this Portuguese city and its surrounding area over other means of transportation. 


First of all, by renting a car, you gain autonomy and flexibility. For example, there are no schedule limitations and you can choose your own route accompanied by whoever you want. 




Advantages of rent-a-car in Porto with Record go 




Car hire at Porto airport with Record go is a great alternative for discovering the streets of Porto and the surrounding area with complete peace of mind and total freedom. 


1. You avoid the constraints of public transport by traveling in your own car, whether alone or with your family and friends.   

2. Travel independently without having to depend on transport timetables.   

3. You choose how many days you need the vehicle for.   

4. Select the vehicle that best suits your needs from a renewed fleet: SUVs or hybrid cars for rent; 7- or 9-seater family cars, or any size for that matter. 




Rent-a-car in Porto: the best way to discover Porto and its surrounding area 




Along with Lisbon, Porto is Portugal’s most visited city and one of the most popular European destinations for its history, its wineries and its British connection. When visiting Porto, you should also check out the surrounding area, as the region has nearby spots that are worth discovering. Such as, for example; 


  • Discover the sites to see in Braga. One of the country’s oldest cities where you can discover some of the history of Porto and Portugal.
  • What to see in Vila Nova de Gaia Located south of the city of Porto on the other side of the Douro River, it is an incredible place to spend a few days or even for a day trip.


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