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Rent a car without excess: Tips for choosing the best coverage 




The ability to rent a car without excess is one of the most demanded options by customers, along with the car having unlimited mileage. When we drive a vehicle that isn’t ours, whether for a short trip or on longer routes, we are often afraid of damaging it and having to bear the cost of repairs. That’s why many users see not to leaving a deposit when renting a car as the best option to be able to enjoy their trip without worrying. 




Benefits of renting a car without excess 



Although each traveller may have their own reasons for renting a car without excess, these are the three most compelling ones: 


  • Peace of mind behind the wheel

What all customers who choose to rent a car without excess are sure to have in common is a desire for peace of mind behind the wheel. They want to enjoy the journey without worrying that they’re going to damage the car because they are not familiar with it. Because even confident drivers know that every vehicle has its peculiarities and getting used to a new vehicle takes time. 


  • Avoid having the damage deposit blocked in your account

Another advantage is that you don't have to leave a damage deposit. If there is one thing that bothers car rental customers, it’s when the rental company blocks the money in their account during their holiday. Renting a car with excess requires the lessee to leave a deposit in case the vehicle gets damaged during the rental. This deposit is blocked on the customer's card so they can’t spend that money on their holiday. It is usually a large amount that can cover possible repair costs, so unless you have a large budget for your trip, it can be difficult to meet this cost. Renting a car without excess avoids this situation so all the money in your account is available for your holidays. Another thing to bear in mind is that some car rental companies make you leave a deposit if you choose to pay with a credit or debit card, but not if you rent a car with Record go. 


  • Say goodbye to extra charges for possible damage

Finally, avoiding charges for possible damage is another compelling reason for renting a car without paying an excess or deposit. And who wants to have to spend their money on repairs for a rental car? Of course, someone has to pay for it. But the counterparty in the accident is not always present: often the damage occurs when the vehicle is parked, and the customer is not around. Renting a car without excess is the best way to avoid this since any damage to the car will most likely be covered by the insurance policy taken out by the customer, who won’t have to pay any additional costs out of pocket. 



Choice of coverage 



Coverage that allows you to rent a car without excess 

If you want to rent a car without excess, you have to get insurance that covers you on the roads and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected and won't have to pay any extra costs should something unexpected happen to the car. 

The easiest way to rent a car without excess is to choose an all-risk coverage that protects you in the event of an accident or breakdown and against damage caused by carelessness, such as damage to sheet metal and paint or wheel punctures. 



Rent a car without excess with Record go: Total Comfort Coverage 



Record go has designed Total Comfort Coverage as a very comprehensive policy without excess so that customers can enjoy their journeys with total peace of mind. 

This insurance covers accidents, theft and the most common forms of damage caused by negligence. It also includes premium roadside assistance and unlimited mileage. Because, even if you know how to change a car tyre, you will surely travel with much more peace of mind if your vehicle has the best possible coverage. 


Our Total Comfort coverage includes the following services: 


  • Coverage for damage due to collision WITHOUT excess
  • Coverage for damage due to theft WITHOUT excess
  • Damage to tyres (including punctures), wheels, mirrors, windscreens, locks and battery.
  • Inclusion of the ‘Senior driver’ Supplement. If the contract holder is 70 years of age or older and contracts Total Comfort, the supplement for a senior driver is included in the price of the booking.
  • Premium roadside assistance. The premium roadside Assistance included in the Total Comfort Coverage provides 24-hour roadside assistance and includes, free of charge, any repair costs that can be done on-site at the location of the breakdown, the vehicle replacement at the closest Record go office (subject to availability), towing services, and a rental vehicle for a maximum of 24 hours or a taxi (up to €80) to reach said office.



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