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Why choose flexible rental in Barcelona?  

If you’re looking for smart transport alternative, flexible rental in Barcelona is a perfect solution for getting around the city safely and independently.  

In a setting of constantly changing needs, flexible rental for freelancers and companies in Barcelona allows the quick and efficient adaptation of the vehicle fleet, choosing the days and type of vehicle for each rental.    

Flexible rental for individuals is also a safe and agile solution for exploring the city or visiting the surrounding towns on the coast or in the mountains. No timetables or crowds, and maximum flexibility. What are you waiting for? Come and discover all the rental options that Record go has to offer.  

It’s so simple! You will easily find the long-term car rental option in Barcelona that best suits your needs. The FlexRent rate allows you to drive up to 750 kilometres per month, but if you’re looking for a rental option for professionals, the Pro option allows you to drive up to 1,200 kilometres a month. Remember that you can always take out our extra kilometre packages, so you can travel care-free without limits.  


The safety of travelling around Barcelona with a rental car  


All the Record go offices and vehicles undergo exhaustive cleaning and disinfection protocols before and after each rental, and all vehicles are delivered with a “disinfection seal”, so you can choose a rental car that allows you to travel with total peace of mind.  

Another major advantage is that you can avoid the crowds and get around independently, without constantly needing to change from one form of transport to another. Don’t wait any longer, choose the car that best suits your travelling needs and the number of days you need it for, then just pick either the Flexrent or Flexrent Pro rate. 

Do you need more reasons to move around Barcelona with our flexible rental cars?  


Barcelona: Flexible transport solutions and Long-term rental


Long-term rental is a smart transport solution that more and more people are choosing every day. Choose a new way of getting around Barcelona safely by car and save both time and money.

You can book our Flexrent or Flexrent Pro rates online in just a few minutes. Both include our most comprehensive Total Comfort Cover, with no excess! And you won’t need to worry about any unforeseen problems, as it also includes premium roadside assistance and covers against theft and collision damage.  

A safe and easy option to move around Barcelona with peace of mind. Book now! It’s time to switch to flexible rental.


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