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Car rental in Lisbon, a safe bet 


Flexible rental in Lisbon has become the smartest way to get around the city comfortably and safely.  

People’s transport needs are evolving on a daily basis, which is why flexibility is becoming more and more important when choosing a means of getting around. As such, if you’d like to avoid having to worry about timetables and enjoy travelling in comfort with your own vehicle, flexible rental for private individuals in Lisbon is the solution for you.   


Our Flexrent rate offers long-term rental in Lisbon at the best price and with maximum safety. We also have the Pro option, the perfect solution for professionals that provides flexible car hire for companies and self-employed workers in Lisbon, offering savings and avoiding unforeseen inconveniences. 

Flexrent allows you to drive up to 750 kilometres per month, while with Flexrent Pro you can drive up to 1,200 kilometres per month. But don’t worry, if you need more, we also offer extra kilometre packs so you can enjoy unlimited travel with peace of mind. 


Where to find car rental in Lisbon  


At Record go we offer a car hire service at Lisbon Airport with the Flexrent rate. This rate includes the Total Comfort cover, which provides you with excess-free cover against theft and accident damage and premium roadside assistance, so you don’t need to worry about any unforeseen incidents!  


We also have an extensive fleet of modern vehicles available for long-term rental in the Portuguese capital. All you need to do is use the search tool to choose the city, vehicle and extras that you want, and your booking will be complete in just a few minutes.  


Flexible rental with Record go is an option that allows you to travel in safety, thanks to the cleaning and disinfecting protocol that we apply with all of our vehicles and offices. There are also further advantages: 

  1. Avoid public transport by travelling in your own car, alone or with family and friends.
  2. Travel independently without needing to depend on transport timetables.
  3. Choose how many days you need the vehicle.


It’s a fact that long-term car hire in Portugal has become one of the most popular options for tourists who are looking to travel across the entire country in maximum safety and comfort, as it enables you to enjoy your own private vehicle for travelling around independently. 


Choose the best way to explore Lisbon, book your flexible rental with Record go now!


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