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Choose a flexible rental in Madrid


Flexible rental in Madrid is one of the smartest alternatives to move around the capital in an independent and safe way.   

At the moment, mobility needs are changing day by day and it is because of this that flexible rental for individuals and companies is a simple and effective solution to avoid unnecessary expenses and risks. 

What’s more, flexible rental for individuals in Madrid is an ideal solution to get around the city and its outskirts quickly and in complete safety. Imagine avoiding the crowds, travelling without timetables and in maximum comfort.  

Record go offers flexible rental in Madrid at the best price with their Flexrent rates. In addition, you have the Pro option, designed for rental cars for professionals.  


Mobility solutions in Madrid 

If you are someone looking for smart mobility solutions and you don’t want to waste any time, check out and book our Flexrent and Flexrent Pro rate through our website within minutes. Choosing a long-term rental car is a cheap, simple and safe option. That’s why long-term rental is the order of the day. 

Both rates offer limited mileage. With the Flexrent rental rate for individuals, you can drive for up to a maximum of 750 kilometres per month while the Flexirent Pro rental rate for professionals provides you with up to 1200 kilometres per month

You decide! Your flexible car rental in Madrid awaits you.


Do you want to travel safely in Madrid in a rental car? 

Choosing a flexible rental car with Record go allows you to travel safely thanks to the cleaning and disinfecting protocol that we follow for all of our vehicles and offices.  What’s more, there are lots of advantages to getting around Madrid in one of our flexible rental cars:  

  • Avoid the crowds by travelling alone or with your family and friends.
  • Being able to travel wherever you want without using other means of transport.
  • Rent the car by day according to your needs.

And, if you rent a car in Madrid with our flexible rental, you can have it all and stay as safe as possible. What are you waiting for? Choose the new way to move around the city. 



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