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Choose flexible rental in Porto  


Flexible rental in Porto is a safe and agile solution for exploring the city and its surrounding areas, while avoiding the crowds and the restrictions of transport timetables. Undoubtedly, car hire in Porto has become the most requested option for those who need a means of transport with the greatest flexibility in the Portuguese city.


In an environment where needs can change on a constant basis, long-term rental in Portugal has become a smart transport solution that more and more people are choosing every day. It’s an option that allows companies and self-employed professionals to adapt our fleet of vehicles to their needs quickly and efficiently, by choosing the car type and number of days for each rental. It also saves you time and money when getting around the city, allowing you to enjoy Porto safely, easily, and with total peace of mind.  


With this in mind, we offer you the Flexrent rate on our website, a solution that meets all of your needs at the best price and allows you to drive up to 750 kilometres per month, depending on the number of rental days you require.  

What’s more, if you’re a professional we also offer the Flexrent Pro rate, a flexible rental solution designed for companies and self-employed professionals that enables you to drive up to 1,200 kilometres per month. And if you need more kilometres, we offer extra mileage packs so that your car rental package is fully adapted to your needs.    


Peace of mind with flexible rental in Portugal  


One of the benefits of Flexrent rates is that they include Total Comfort cover, our most comprehensive insurance option. This covers you against theft and accident damage and provides you with premium roadside assistance, so you can travel with peace of mind.  

We also offer an extensive fleet of modern cars that undergo an exhaustive cleaning and disinfection protocol before and after every rental.    


Would you like to discover more advantages of flexible car rental?  


• In the event of last-minute unforeseen problems, you may cancel your booking and be refunded the full amount, if you do so up to 48 hours before the rental begins.    

• Enjoy the freedom of choosing who you travel with, avoiding the crowds and using one single form of transport.  

• Travel independently without relying on transport timetables.  


Discover flexible car rental with Record go! You can book one of our car rental options in Porto now.  


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