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Book your car rental in Valencia: your long-term rental car


If you’re looking for a rental in Valencia, or a long-term rental car, you’ll be interested in finding out about our FlexRent rate, a flexible, long-term car rental from 15 days.   


Flexible car rental is one of the best options to cover current mobility needs: you’ll gain independence, comfort, and freedom. The safest alternative for avoiding public transport and crowds, in addition to not having to depend on timetable limitations. 


Right now you can contract the FlexRent rate and make a long-term car rental paying what’s fair and without last-minute surprises. In addition, you’ll be covered by our Total Comfort cover, one of the most complete coverages for cars on the market. And in this way, you can move around without having to worry about timetables and be surrounded only by the people you choose. Opt for comfort and choose a flexible rental in Valencia. 



Move freely with your car rental in Valencia 



Whether you need a vehicle to go on a trip or weekend break, to go to work every day, to go shopping, or to be able to have the most flexible means of transport for the whole family, car rental in Valencia is one of the most popular services nowadays. 

Long-term rental cars have become the perfect choice for moving around Valencia, avoiding crowds and sharing transport with your family and friends only. In addition, with Record go rent-a-car and the FlexRent rate you’ll be able to choose the vehicle model which best suits your requirements and complete it with extras to make sure nothing is missing from your car rental.  



Advantages of the FlexRent rate: there are only benefits to car rental in Valencia  



Our Flexrent rate offers long-term rental in Valencia at the best price and with maximum safety. We also have the “Pro” option, the perfect solution for professionals which provides flexible car rental for companies and self-employed workers in Valencia, offering savings and avoiding unforeseen inconveniences. Discover the advantages of cheap car rental at Record go rent-a-car: 


  • Total Comfort Cover

The most comprehensive cover. This includes damage due to accidents or theft and premium roadside assistance, with no excess. So you can drive with peace of mind and without having to leave a deposit.   


  • 100% free cancellation

If your plans change, you can cancel the booking and receive a full refund if the cancellation is made up to 48 hours before the rental starts.     


  • Full-full fuel return system

We deliver the vehicle to you with a full tank so you don’t have to worry about filling up. If it’s also full when returned, the full amount of the tank will be refunded.   


  • Limited mileage

The FlexRent rental for private individuals includes a maximum of 750 kilometres a month. And if you prefer, with FlexRent Pro you’ll be able to drive up to 1200 kilometres a month. But don’t worry, if you need more, we also offer extra kilometre packs so you can enjoy unlimited travel with peace of mind. 


The choice is yours. Move around Valencia at your own pace, with whoever you like and safe and sound.   Book and enjoy our online long-term car rental deals. Cheap and quality car rental, now it’s also easy and quick.




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