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In compliance with what was established in the article 22.2 of the Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), and adjusting to the European Board 2009/136/CE, Record Go Alquiler Vacacional S.A. hereby informs you that this website accepts the use of cookies..


Al hacer uso de este sitio web, consiente y está de acuerdo en que alojemos estas cookies en su ordenador o dispositivo, para los fines que aquí expresamos.

Si decide no aceptar nuestras cookies, puede continuar usando nuestro sitio web de la forma habitual, aunque es posible que su experiencia de usuario se vea ligeramente perjudicada.

Why do websites use cookies?

Websites do not have any memory function. If you browse across different websites, you will not be recognised as the same user. Cookies allow the website to recognise your web browser. Therefore, cookies are essentially used to remember the options you have chosen (for example, to remember your preferred language). Cookies also ensure that when you visit a website again, it recognises you.

How do cookies work?

A cookie is a file that the web browser (e.g. Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) stores in your computer every time you visit a website. The cookie contains information that the website wants to know for your next visit. For example, your volume control preferences, information on a particular activity or advertiser, or a unique ID code. Only the website which installs the cookie is able to decipher the information it contains..

Does Record Go use third-party cookies?

Yes indeed, uses the services of reliable and trusted online companies that are dedicated to advertisement and marketing. Our website can also use external providers for analytic purposes. This companies need to introduce cookies to enable their services. 

This website uses Google Adwords’ remarketing tool. This tool lets you publish in the Google’s content network based on previous visits from users in our website. To achieve this, some of the pages of our website include a code or label of remarketing that configure the cookies in order to determine the advertisement type that will be shown to the user, depending on the browsing made around the website. The remarketing lists are saved in a data base in the Google’s servers. All cookies ID associated to each list or interest category is stored in these servers. 

Our providers are committed to raise awareness among consumers, as well as establishing a responsible commerce with high standards handling data. 

Our suppliers are committed to raising awareness among consumers and to establishing responsible marketing and good data management standards and practices.

Within the framework of online marketing from marketing companies, we always strive hard to work with companies from the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and/or Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The members of the NAI and the IAB follow the principles and codes of conduct from the industry. Both the NAI and the IAB provide you with the market opt-out option, based on the behaviour.. Be sure to check y  in order to identify NAI members who have stored cookies in their computers. In the event you do not agree with members of the NAI and/or IAB use information programs based on behaviour, you just have to click on the company you wish to reject. In order to control the data gathered for analytic purposes by Google Analytics, you may want to visit the following link: Google Analytics disabler plug-in for browsers. . As regards remarketing cookies, the user can disable the use of Google cookies, by visiting the visiting Google’s advertisement disqualification website.

Who has access to the cookies information of

Only Record Go Alquiler Vacacional S.A. has access to the cookies information of Third-party users that have stored cookies in your computers will have access to them.

Can I prevent cookies from being stored on my computer?

Si lo desea, puede inhibir la instalación de cookies o desinstalarlas en cualquier momento desde su navegador, configurando sus preferencias. Puede encontrar información sobre cómo hacerlo en función del navegador que utilice en las siguientes direcciones:



Internet Explorer:



If you happen to use a different browser, you may get further information about how to configure the cookies installation through the help/assistance section of that particular browser

What sort of cookies does this website use?

Specifically, Record Go uses the following cookies:

  • Analytic cookies.- Analytic cookies gather information to evaluate the use made by the user of this website, as well as the general activity. The website's analytics is the measure, collection, analysis and creation of internet data aiming to understand and optimize the website use. The application we use to both measure and analyze our audience is Google Analytics..
  • Social cookies.- Social cookies are necessary for social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. Its function is to control the interaction with the social widgets inside the page. These types of cookies are used in the domains "", "" and "".
  • Affiliate cookies.- Affiliate cookies enable us to keep track of previous visits from other websites, which Record Go has affiliate contracts with. These types of cookies are used in the domain "".
  • Behavioral marketing cookies.- We use marketing cookies in order to offer you advertisements in other websites. This form of advertisement is called "retargeting" and it is mainly based in the searched destinations or vehicles/destinations you have previously consulted..
  • Technical cookies.- We use technical cookies in order to make our website to function properly, as well as creating a user's account, logging in, managing your bookings and using security elements.
  • Functional cookies.- Functional cookies are strictly necessary in order to provide the services requested by the users in this type of website.

Changes in the cookies policy

Record Go Alquiler Vacacional S.A. has the right to modify at any time its cookies policy with the purpose of improving the service. We do suggest you to check periodically the policy because it can be modified


If you are interested in letting us know your comments, or even requesting information, about the use of cookies on our website, you may send us an e-mail at

Use by minors

Record Go Alquiler Vacacional S.A. has absolutely no intention to gather personal information of people who identify themselves as minors (less than 18 years old). Children should not provide personal information on this website.

We use our own cookies and those of third-parties to improve the browsing experience and to collect statistics. By continuing to browse, you consent to our privacy policy and use of cookies.