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Hiring an SUV in Mallorca

The moment you’ve been waiting so long for is nearly here: your getaway to Mallorca.  
You’ll finally be able to discover the island with your partner, family or friends. You’ll explore its streets, discover its landscapes and even the most remote spots on the island, which is why you’re beginning to think that hiring an SUV in Mallorca is the perfect choice for you on your trip.  
However you travel, whether you’re more or less adventurous, we know that choosing an SUV in Mallorca is just what you need. Why? Here are some reasons... 


SUV car hire in Mallorca for you, adventurer

For you, the adventurer, who wants to get to know the island completely, exploring streets, highways and trails. You’re not looking for a regular car or just a way of getting around, but a fellow adventurer on your trip. A companion who doesn’t put limits on you, who accompanies you wherever you want to go without question: the SUV is perfect for you.  
Taking an SUV on your trip will allow you to go to the Natural Park of Mondragó, the Tramuntana mountain range, passing through la Albufera de Mallorca, Ses Fonts Ufanes and many more places. 
Discover the experience of exploring the island and its impressive natural surroundings with your SUV rental. 


SUV car hire in Mallorca for you, family

One of the main characteristics of this type of vehicle is the spaciousness, comfort and safety that it will add to your trip. Exploring the streets of Mallorca as a family with your hire car is very comfortable for everyone. When booking an SUV, installing child seats for your children will not be a problem, and the little ones will feel completely safe. Discover the most pleasant way to travel for the whole family! 


SUV car hire in Mallorca for groups

Of course, small groups of travellers will also be drawn to the comforts offered by an SUV. You can enjoy not only the convenience and comfort which a vehicle of this class offers, or just the possibility of exploring unpaved roads to reach the most hidden spots of the island, but you’ll also value more than anyone having chosen a spacious vehicle. Because exploring Mallorca in a group with a small, uncomfortable vehicle could add unnecessary discomfort to your trip. So prepare your backpacks because we’re going on a trip around the island with an SUV!


I’d like to book my SUV

See what we mean? We’ve many reasons to recommend you SUV car hire in Mallorca, because as well as all of this, if you book your hire car with Record go, you’ll get the best price for your booking and you can enjoy exclusive discounts if you register on our website as a member of the Record go Club. And if you’re worried about not being able to rent with your debit card or having to pay an excess with your booking, forget it, because at Record go, we offer you car hire in Mallorca without a credit card and car hire in Mallorca with no excess. Find out all about it! 


Record go and hiring an SUV in Mallorca

Don’t wait any longer! Book your hire car now with Record go and discover all the island has to offer you.  
Live the experience and make the most of your trip without giving up on spaciousness, convenience and comfort in each route on your itinerary.  
Whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner, family or friends, we’re looking forward to seeing you in Mallorca! 


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