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Discover the best three-wheeler motorcycle rental services with Record go


At Record Go, you’ll find a whole host of benefits to make your three-wheeler scooter rental as quick, easy, convenient and safe as possible.

If you're renting one of our three-wheelers, take a look at these tips to get the most out of it:



How to start a 3-wheeler



Steps to follow to start the Piaggio MP3 400


  1. To start the bike, you don't need to insert the key, although it must be close by.
  2. Squeeze the wheel to activate the ignition and turn it to the right to start.
  3. Deactivate the handbrake.
  4. Make sure the RUN/OFF switch is in the RUN position.
  5. Apply the brake on the left handlebar.
  6. Press the starter button.
  7. Unlock the fork.



How to park our three-wheeled motorbikes



Steps to follow to park the Piaggio MP3 400


  1. Activate the handbrake.
  2. Turn the handlebar to lock it.
  3. Turn the key to the 'LOCK' position.
  4. Remove the key.


Enjoy the experience of renting a three-wheeler motorcycle during your holiday


If you’re looking for a vehicle that offers you the freedom, flexibility and autonomy to travel around your destination for a weekend getaway or couple’s break, renting a three-wheeler motorbike is the perfect choice to set off on your own route, at your own pace.   

If you’re looking to get around on three wheels, at Record Go Rent a Car, you can book your motorbike under the best conditions and at the most affordable price.   


 Advantages of renting a three-wheeler motorbike with Record Go  


  • Model guaranteed. You can rent and drive the Piaggio MP3 400 at our offices near the Seville-Santa Justa stations; Malaga-Maria Zambrano; Valencia-Joaquin Sorolla; Barcelona Sants and at our Palma de Mallorca airport office.
  • No middlemen. This is an exclusive Record Go product that can only be booked on our website and always with the Record Go guarantee of more than 15 years of experience in the sector.
  • All-inclusive motorbike rental with the Just Go rate.
  • Unlimited mileage. With this rate, you can travel as far as you like on your rental motorbike.
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the collection date.
  • Your motorbike rental with Total Comfort Coverage. Our most comprehensive cover includes damages due to collision and theft, and basic roadside assistance.
  • Express pick-up. No need to queue and zero waiting with our priority service.
  • Helmet included.


Special offers for motorbike rentals   


Get the most out of your holidays.  Take advantage of the discounts and special offers on rental motorbikes that the team at Record Go have created for you and enjoy your unlimited rental. You’ll find the best three-wheeler motorbike-rental price here –quickly and easily.   

Choose your three-wheeler motorbike in just one click!  


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