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Weekend breaks: take advantage and save 


If you like travelling and are thinking about going away for the weekend, now is the time to discover all the possibilities Spain and Portugal have to offer you. You’ll see that there are endless destinations to go on a quick trip and by hiring a car for the weekend, you’ll be able to move freely and make the most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


A year can have up to 53 weekends, and this opens up many possibilities of going on not one weekend break, but several: a rural break, a cultural or leisure weekend, a romantic break or relaxing break or one with children... 


Do you need a reason to hire a car and go on a weekend break in Spain or Portugal? 


Surely you’ll love being able to travel more often, in the quickest, cheapest, most convenient and safest way. So take note: 


  • Save time and live your own experience 

With your hire car you can take even greater advantage of the weekend. Forget about the fixed timetables of public transport and move freely wherever and whenever you like.   

  • Take advantage of our offers 

We want your rental experience to be as comprehensive as possible, and we always have the most competitive prices. In addition, if you become part of our Record go Club, completely free of charge, you can take advantage of the best discounts.  

  • Enjoy your break with peace of mind 

You’ll be able to choose the car that best suits you and your needs from our large fleet. And, in addition, our Just Go rate is so comprehensive that you won’t have to worry about any unforeseen events. 

  • Escape from routine in the most special of destinations 

Do you feel like complete relaxation on the beaches of Menorca, Ibiza or Palma? Sun, sand and a trip through the villages of Valencia, Alicante or Malaga? You can also choose weekend breaks to do cultural or leisure tourism in Barcelona or Madrid, a gastronomic route through Bilbao or Seville, as well as getting to know Porto or Lisbon a little better. You decide! 


There are endless options for weekend breaks through Spain and Portugal. Take advantage right now and book your hire car for your weekend break. Don’t be left dreaming about travelling, make it happen! 


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