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What to see in Binibeca Vell: visit the most beautiful village in Menorca 


Binibeca is a small village located some 10 kilometres south of Mahón and it’s considered to be the most beautiful village in Menorca. Its streets full of typically white Menorcan houses and the labyrinth-like streets is some of the most photogenic scenery on the whole island of Menorca. Belonging to the municipality of San Luis, Binibèquer Vell is a fishing village turned into a picture postcard. 

In addition, Binibeca is 5 kilometres from Menorca Airport. For this reason, the best option to explore the island at your own pace, without time or timetable limitations and with the best flexibility and comfort, is through car hire in Menorca



Visit the narrow white streets of Binibeca 



Arrive at Binibeca with your hire car and enjoy walking through its whitewashed houses and narrow streets. The labyrinth of Binibèquer Vell is one of the closest experiences to truly feeling the historical and cultural heritage of Menorca. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful villages of the Mediterranean. It’s every bit as good as the villages on the Greek islands, for example. 


Binibeca is a small fishing village located 8 km to the south of Mahón, in the municipality of San Luis. Its labyrinthine streets and whitewashed houses turn it into one of the most beautiful villages in Menorca. 


In addition, it’s a village where the environment and the inhabitants’ and neighbours’ rest are greatly respected. Therefore it’s the perfect place to find an oasis of rest and relaxation. Strolling through Binibeca, admiring its bougainvillea and checking that the numerous signs throughout the old town or fishing village (known as Binibeca Vell) are respected, which has as its message: “Silence, please”, is an immersive experiences on the island and essential if you visit Menorca. 


White façades, narrow streets, sea views, sun, beach, traditional cooking... Ultimately, it’s an essential place to visit in Menorca with your hire car. 



The best beaches in Binibeca Vell: coves of Menorca to enjoy 



If you take advantage of our car rental deals, it will be much easier and more comfortable for you to explore the most spectacular beaches in Menorca. Binibeca is one of the best preserved and looked-after places on the island, with which the usual coves of Menorca, heavenly and generally treated as protected natural sites, invite you to visit them and enjoy leisurely beach days at your own pace. The pace of Benibeca Vell itself. 

The beach area is known as Binibèquer Nou and has the following coves, considered to be the best on the island: 


  • Cala Binisafúller
  • Cala Binidalí
  • Cala Biniancolla
  • Cala Biniparratx


For example, Cala Binisafúller, also called Binisafua, is a small cove with few waves due to its U-shape. In addition, it’s full of paths and trails to follow enjoying the area’s landscape, for example, the “camí de cavalls”. The cove has a limited capacity, 20 cars at most are allowed to enter and it’s one of the most charming places in Binibeca. 



Where to eat in Binibeca. The best dishes of Menorcan cuisine 



Undoubtedly, one of the essential experiences of what to do in Binibeca is to try the traditional cuisine of the Baleares or Menorca. 

We recommend some restaurants in Binibeca to satisfy your palate. 

  • Sa Musclera (Poble de Pescadors, Carrer des Timó, 17) is a good option for trying the typical gastronomy of the island of Menorca.
  • Na Rosa (Plaça Sa Font, s/n) is a place on Binibeca Vell to enjoy local products, from charcuterie to fresh fish.
  • Would you like to try the best rice and fish in Menorca? At El Pescadito (Poble de Pescadors Carrer des Timó) you’ll find traditional Menorcan seafood and fish rices (arroz caldoso, arroz negro) and all kinds of tapas and dishes from the sea.

Afterwards, you can prolong your stay on a terrace with views of the sea, like that at the venue Bambú, or walk and enjoy again one of the best views and seals of Binibèquer Vell, the panorama above the rocks of Caló d’en Fust and its boats in the background. An ideal option for a weekend getaway.

Thus, once you arrive in Menorca, and collect your cheap rental car at Menorca airport, don’t miss a single minute in heading to Binibeca and you can see and do everything which awaits you there. 


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