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What to see in Mykonos? Things to do and see on your trip to Mykonos 



Mykonos, situated in the Cyclades archipelago is one of the most popular Greek islands for tourists. 

This Aegean Island is close to Delos and one of its biggest attractions, apart from its famous beaches, is its nightlife. If you like tourist destinations that combine both attributes, like Ibiza, you will surely love Mykonos. 

And if you're driving through Greece, it’ll be much easier to discover those unmissable sites. In addition, with our extra "island-hopping" option, which is available when you rent a car at Athens airport or book your rental car at Thessaloniki airport - without intermediaries and directly through our website - you can move between the Greek islands with your vehicle. Mykonos is one of those islands that you have to see, and you can't miss. 




Must-see places in Mykonos: everything to do on the island. 



  • Tour the coves and beaches of Mykonos.
  • Explore Chora, the capital of Mykonos also known as Mykonos Town, stroll the whitewashed streets of the historic centre with its multi-coloured balconies and lilac bougainvilleas.
  • Visit the Kastro district and the shops on Matogianni Street.
  • Walk the most beautiful streets in Mykonos: Agias Paraskevis, Enoplon, Dynameon and Mitropoleos.
  • See the windmills of Mykonos. The famous Kato Milli are located on a hill where you'll find one of the best views on the island. There's no better place to enjoy the Mykonos sunset.
  • Little Venice, one of the prettiest areas in Mykonos, is an 18th-century neighbourhood with Venetian influences and the feel of a small trading village with access to the sea.



The best beaches in Mykonos: Mykonos coves to enjoy 



The beaches of Mykonos and its coastline have an unforgettable beauty. But what are the best beaches in Mykonos? Check out this list of the 5 best beaches in Mykonos. 


  • Psarou beach in Mykonos. One of the best beaches in Mykonos, famous for being a celebrity hangout. It’s beautiful and small, although being so well known, it’s always full of people and it’s not the quietest beach.


  • Lia Beach. Located to the south of the island, it is difficult to get to and its capacity is limited but it’s very quiet, and its crystal-clear waters make for the best bathing in the Aegean Sea.


  • Platis Gialos is one of the best beaches in Mykonos. This beach is ideal if you are looking for atmosphere, parties and a range of bars and restaurants. 
  • Agrari. A quiet beach in the south of Mykonos frequented by nature lovers with transparent, cold water and a golden sandy beach.


  • Kalafatis is the ideal beach for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts and one of the best for windsurfing.




Where to eat in Mykonos. The best of Greek cuisine 




One thing not to be missed in Mykonos is the traditional Greek cuisine. So here are our recommendations for restaurants in Mykonos. 


  • Souvlaki Story Mykonos. At 37 Enoplon Dinameon in the capital of Mykonos, Chora, it is one of the best restaurants for gyros and souvlakis.


  • Avli Tou Thodori is one of the best restaurants in Mykonos to taste Greek cuisine, especially fish and seafood dishes.


  • At Blue Myth Restaurant, you can find traditional dishes from Greece and other countries in an excellent location.


  • Markos Falafel is an ideal choice for sampling various Mediterranean cuisines. It not only offers Greek cuisine but also great Lebanese dishes. In this restaurant you can enjoy a delicious falafel, hummus or shawarma at a very good price.


  • Kikis Tavern is one of the best restaurants to eat in Mykonos. They don't take reservations and it's usually frequented by locals and tourists, as it has an extensive menu with local specialties and delicious fish dishes.


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