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What to do in Sitges: things to see and do on your visit to Sitges 



If you’ve gone on a break to Barcelona and you’re looking forward to having an escape to sun and sand to disconnect and be filled with energy, Sitges is the place for you. At just half an hour by car from Barcelona Airport, it’s the perfect destination to visit with your hire car if you’ve landed in Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat. 

You’ll find all kinds of activities in this list, so you’ll know exactly what to do in Sitges and attractions you can’t miss on your break in the surroundings of Barcelona. 




What to see in Sitges: Essential places 



Everyone thinks of beaches when they hear the word Sitges, but that isn’t the only thing which this village in Barcelona offers. Sitges is internationally renowned for its cinema festival which is held in October, however, the architectural combination of typical Mediterranean houses next to modernist buildings reminiscent of colonial times along the sea shore is also well worth seeing and enjoying. So let’s begin. Here you have a short guide with the essential places to see in Sitges so you can explore more thoroughly. 




Modernist buildings in Sitges: an essential visit 


The colonial tradition of Sitges, which began at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, brought new buildings to this coastal town in Barcelona.  

Many of these buildings embraced the architectural characteristics of the modernist style. It’s recommended to take a guided tour on the beach and the old town to learn more about the history of these buildings. 



Don’t miss visiting the white fishermen’s houses in Sitges 


Next to the sea,before leaving the old town, is the well-known fishing neighbourhood and its white houses and patios with hints of blue, typically Mediterranean and with Andalusian influence, contrast with the facades of the adjacent modernist buildings. 



Maricel Palace museum in Sitges 


After visiting and learning about the history of the fishermen’s houses, you could then visit this palace which was originally made up of eight fishermen’s houses, that is until Charles Deering, a foreign businessman bought it to house a large art collection. 

Over time, the Maricel Palace has now become a museum housing contemporary works from artists of the moment.  



What to do at the weekend in Sitges: going to the La Festa Major de Sitges festival is a perfect plan  


If timing allows, taking a weekend break during the Festa Major de Sitges, the popular celebration in honour of the town’s patron saints, Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla is an exceptional and unique time to visit Sitges.  

When is La Festa Major celebrated in Sitges? The dates of the celebration are on the 24th August and the 23rd September, with that of August being most relevant... For this reason, during the days of the August celebration: Sitges celebrates the local festival of Sant Bartomeu from 19th to 25th August and you’ll be able to see fireworks on the beach. 




Explore Sitges and the Barcelona surroundings with your hire car 



Without a doubt, the best option to make the most of your stay in Barcelona and to be able to explore the surroundings with the most flexibility, and be able to discover Sitges and other essential places, is with a hire car, so you can move at your own pace and follow your ideal itinerary. 

By booking your hire car at Barcelona airport (both in T1 and T2 of Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat), you won’t have to use public transport and you’ll have flexibility: it’s you who decides what to see and do and when in Sitges. It´s a holiday and an escape with maximum comfort and safety. You and your family/ friends will be able to explore Barcelona, Sitges and its surrounding areas with all the services you need from Record go: express vehicle delivery and return, with the most comprehensive cover,and all the extras you need for your trip. 

It’ll be the most comfortable and enjoyable break you’ve ever had. Don’t think about it any longer and book your hire car to discover Sitges and everything else Barcelona has to offer. Take advantage of the discounts and car hire deals and enjoy your trip to the maximum. 



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