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What to see in Alcúdia with my rental car  

If you’re visiting Mallorca, Alcúdia is one of the essential places you should explore before leaving the island. Located in the north east of Mallorca, Alcúdia is the perfect place for nature lovers as it has many different nature sites, such as Es Mal Pas and La Victoria, and also offers 30 kilometres of coastline with stunning beaches. Although one of the highlights of this municipality is without a doubt its historic town centre.   

To get to Alcúdia from Mallorca airport with your car hire, even though it is on the other side of the island and seems very far away, since it’s at the other end of the island, you can get there in just 40 minutes with your hire car, via a very convenient highway.   


What to visit in Alcúdia: The wall of Alcúdia


One of the best things to see in Alcúdia is without a doubt its Medieval wall. The Camí de Ronda will lead you to the highest point of the wall, where you can enjoy some spectacular views of the town and the Sierra. You could also visit two of the three entrance gates that are still in their original form: the Mallorca gate, which connects two of the towers via a stone arc, and the Porta des Moll, with its portcullis.   

This wall was built due to the strategic location of the town, both to defend it from local natives and to provide a safe refuge in the north east of the island in the case of attack. The wall has undergone several modifications since it was first built in 1298, with some restoration work having been completed quite recently, but it still maintains its original charm.   


  • History and architecture of Alcúdia

Once you’ve enjoyed its wall, you can continue your tour by exploring the town’s historic buildings. A good place to start would be the Church of St. Jaume, which was built in the 16th century as part of the wall, and was also used for surveillance. Just next to the church you’ll find the Parochial Museum of Alcúdia, with its permanent exhibition displaying religious works of art from various periods.   

The Alcúdia Town Hall is also a fantastic example of the architecture of its time. Built in 1929, it is said to be one of the most beautiful town halls in Spain, with the most impressive features being its clock and the staircases at the main entrance.   

Some of the other buildings you could visit in the town centre include the Ca’n Torró Library, built in a restored mansion in 1989, or Can Fondo and Can Castells, which serve as a historical archive headquarters and an exhibition centre.   


What to see in the surrounding areas of Alcúdia


The best thing about hiring your own car in Mallorca is being able to explore the island quickly and in comfort. If you decide to visit Alcúdia, there are also some other Mallorcan towns nearby that you shouldn’t miss.   

If you enjoyed discovering the historic buildings of Alcúdia, you will love the Roman town of Pollentia, which was founded in 123 BC. C. It is currently the most important archaeological site on the Balearic Islands.   

You could also check out the Monographic Museum or book a place on one of the many excursions on offer.   

Another good option would be to take advantage of being in the north of the island by visiting the viewpoints of Sa Creueta or S’Albufera, incredible nature sites where you can enjoy the natural contrasts of the island.   


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