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Advantages of getting car rental insurance from Record go rather than an intermediary 




When a customer makes a booking with Record go through a car rental intermediary, that company offers its own insurance and coverage. 

These products are managed by the intermediary, not Record go. We have the following kinds of coverage:  

  • Easy Coverage, the coverage that we offer with our Go Easy rate.  It offers collision and theft damage coverage WITH excess (CDW and TP) and without excess on tires, wheels, mirrors and windscreen.
  • Total Comfort Coverage: It’s our most comprehensive coverage. In case of an accident, breakdown, mechanical failure or damage to the vehicle you will be covered, and you will not have to pay anything (see exceptions in section 4.3.2 of our Terms and Conditions of Use). In addition, with this coverage you will receive Premium Roadside Assistance.




What happens if I have insurance with an intermediary?   




Customers are free to get insurance from an intermediary; however, this can lead to some confusion: if a customer gets their insurance or coverage from an intermediary, they still have to leave a deposit for the excess, regardless of the degree of the coverage. The only way to avoid paying an excess is to take out our Total Comfort coverage. 

Customers often wonder why they have to take out insurance if they are already insured by an intermediary to avoid paying the excess. There’s a reason for this. 

At Record Go, we do not question the warranty of such insurance to cover damage to the vehicle, but any compensation for damage is strictly between the customer and the insurer/intermediary. Record Go has nothing to do with that contract. In fact, if a customer has insurance with an intermediary and damage occurs, since our contractual relationship is with the customer, we charge the customer as indicated in the terms and conditions of our contract. 

We must protect our fleet in the same way as we do with other customers: either with an excess deposit or by the customer taking out the Total Comfort coverage. 

This is something that we clearly state both in the Terms and Conditions on our website and during the booking process, in the table explaining the types of coverage we offer. Of course, this information is also contained in the contract that the customer signs with us.  



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