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The best deals in hiring a family car in Ibiza!

At last, the moment for travelling and enjoying your holidays as a family has arrived! No better way of disconnecting from the routine than by escaping with your family to enjoy the summer. A little beach, sea, sun and a lot of summer atmosphere is just what you need, which is why you’ve decided to travel to Ibiza. In addition to all these qualities, Ibiza also allows you to discover wonderful landscapes and fantastic nooks and crannies, and enjoy its cuisine and its great atmosphere.

Travelling to Ibiza as a family will give you a chance to discover the essence of the island, far beyond its internationally-known party atmosphere. You can enjoy thousands of excursions and activities. Which is why, with so many leisure options, it’s essential to consider hiring a family car in Ibiza.  


Car hire a family car in Ibiza

Hiring a family car in Ibiza will be your great asset for these holidays. Because when travelling abroad, and doing so as a family, it’s important to have all the preparations very well organised, and there’s nothing better than being able to move around the island at your own pace and according to your own rules. There’s nothing better than feeling safe and calm on your trip! But it’s also important to look for comfort and functionality, which is why hiring a family car in Ibiza is, without a doubt, the best alternative for you. 


The best deals for hiring a family car in Ibiza

When you travel with your family, you’re always looking for the best deals and the best comfort for you and your little ones, so when car hire a family car in Ibiza you’re looking for a complete service that’s efficient and functional, thereby adding a plus to your trip. By hiring a family car in Ibiza at Record go you can add this plus to your car hire with extras such as child seats (which adapt to the needs of your little ones and conform 100% to Spanish regulations), in addition to other services such as our GoPad with built-in Wifi, an entertainment system and also a Satnav system; our express pick-up service, so you don't have to queue with your little ones; Total Comfort cover, to ensure you feel 100% safe on your trip; and much more!  


Where to book my family hire car in Ibiza

To book your family hire car in Ibiza, with Record go you have various options: book on arrival at the airport or book in advance.   

  • If you’d prefer to book on arrival:

If you prefer booking your hire car, and extras when you arrive at the airport, you’ll only have to follow the indications guiding you to our free shuttle service that will take you to our off-airport office. Once in the office we’ll attend to you and give you all the information you need.  

  • If you’d rather book in advance:

But, if you prefer to have everything well arranged in order to streamline this hire process upon arrival, you can book beforehand on our website. In addition, if you include our "express pickup" extra, the process of picking up your family hire car in Ibiza will be even quicker.  


Travel as a family with peace of mind with Record go!

Book your hire car for your family holiday to Ibiza with Record go and discover the deals we have prepared for you. In addition, if you check out our website you’ll find all the information you need about the extras for making the logistics of your trip easier, such as child seats.
Find out about all the services that await you at Record go and make your booking! In addition, if you log into the Record go Club, you’ll enjoy special discounts! Don’t risk missing out on everything! 
Go for it! At Record go we’re looking forward to hearing from you!  

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