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Thinking of enjoying a getaway during Holy Week at the best possible price? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll tell you all the cheap travel plans for Easter that you can make, to ensure an unforgettable trip.

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Cheap travel destinations for Easter: get to know the fiestas in the most interesting places


If you’re looking for cheap travel destinations for Easter that invite you to enjoy these fiestas and get to know them like no one else, there are several places that we recommend. Of course, to understand their essence there are no better destinations than those in the south of the peninsula, in the community of Andalusia:

  • Holy Week in Seville.

Among your list of cheap travel destinations for Easter you mustn’t miss a visit to the city of Seville.

Seville is the cradle of Easter fiestas, full of tradition, wonderful processions formed by countless brotherhoods that enjoy these fiestas to the full, managing to transmit this feeling to all the visitors and onlookers who visit it on these dates. Seville is full of colour and feeling, which is why it’s one of the cities that receive most visitors on these religious dates, so the range of accommodation on offer is very wide and adaptable to all budgets. We only recommend that you plan your trip in advance so that the costs are as low as possible.

  • Holy Week in Malaga.

With star processions, such as the Passion and the Congregation of Mena, the coastal city of Malaga will be one of the essential destinations in your ranking of cheap travel destinations for Easter. Enjoy its maritime streets full of processions and the essence of Andalusian Holy Week. Enjoying the chance to hear how its inhabitants sing saetas to religious images will make your hair stand on end.

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  • Holy Week in Granada.

But if its the landscape you’re looking for to make your hair stand on end on your list of cheap travel destinations for Easter, Granada is the perfect destination for you. Why? Because enjoying the essence of Andalusian Holy Week with the striking sight of Granada’s Alhambra in the background, is priceless. Its beauty, its light and its colours, accompanied by the processions, pasos and songs of its 32 brotherhoods, is something impressive indeed. Undoubtedly an ideal destination on cheap travel trips for Easter.


More star destinations on cheap travel trips for Easter 


Other great cheap travel destinations for Easter, to get to know the fiestas in a different way are:

  • Holy Week in Toledo.

In 2014 Holy Week in Toledo was declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest.

In Toledo the Easter fiestas are lived with passion, but moreover, all the processions pass through the narrow and beautiful streets of the old town, which, together with its great artistic and historical heritage, make Toledo a perfect place on your list of cheap travel destinations for Easter.

  • The passion of Olesa de Montserrat and Esparraguera (Catalonia).

Another wonderful destination on your cheap trips for Easter is Olesa de Montserrat and Esparraguera, where you will enjoy fiestas that are rather different, in which the pasos, the brotherhoods and the processions won’t be the protagonists, but rather the Passion: a theatrical representation of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ of great visual and emotional impact that will captivate you from the very first minute.

Bear in mind that these destinations are very popular with tourists during the Holy Week dates, so we recommend that if you want to add any of them as the star destination of your holidays, you should check out the information and book your accommodation well in advance in order to enjoy the best deals and prices. By doing so you can add this destination as an outstanding one on your list of cheap trips for Easter.


Cheap travel destinations for Easter: disconnect while discovering magical places


Other outstanding places to add to your list of cheap travel destinations for Easter, if you want to make a getaway not to enjoy the fiestas but to disconnect and discover new and wonderful nooks and crannies scattered throughout Spain, are:

  • The Nervión waterfall.

This is the largest waterfall in Spain. It is located between the provinces of Alava and Burgos and is 222 metres high. It has a viewing point from which to enjoy the wonderful views and let your gaze take in its wonderful landscape.

  • The Santa Fe reservoir, in the Montseny Nature Reserve (Barcelona).

A beautiful and crystal clear landscape that is well worth visiting at this time of year, since in springtime the beauty of the countryside is even more striking. It’s one of the landscapes you’ll find inside the Montseny Nature Reserve, with the possibility of discovering many other beautiful landscapes close at hand. Ready to join in the adventure of discovering them?

  • The hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, in Vizcaya.

Undoubtedly a perfect place on your list of cheap travel destinations for Easter. Why? Because in addition to its magnificent beauty, close to this wonderful landscape you’ll find plenty of accommodation suitable for all budgets.

The hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a hermitage that is suspended over the sea, with a long and narrow path with 241 steps that ends with an access to the hermitage. The Hermitage receives many visitors throughout the year, all of whom want to fulfil the tradition of the place, which says that if you ring its bell three times while making a wish, it will come true.


Cheap travel destinations for Easter: vehicle hire 


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