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Travel the East coast with car rental Alicante airport

In Spain you can never get bored of the coast and the beach since we have so many different destinations. You can find every kind of beach, and even bathed by different seas! Well, in this case we are back in the Mediterranean, but it’s such an amazing sea that we would suggest you to travel along the beaches it covers. You will never see the same thing twice… provided that you car rental Alicante airport.

After this introduction, we hope we made clear what you will be needing to enjoy this coast as much as possible… by car rental Alicante airport! Right when you land in Alicante you will find our car fleet so you can chose the model that fits your needs best: if you are a car lover, a practical traveler, a big family, etc. Car rental Alicante airport will let you move around easily either inside the city of Alicante or exploring the surroundings.

Car rental Alicante airport and experience the North route

The “Ruta del Norte” is the most famous tour to explore the province of Alicante. Besides its exceptional climate, fishing is the main feature that distinguishes this area from the rest of the Valencian Community. If you want to go deep into the culture and discover every landscape through it, you definitely need to car rental Alicante airport, get on the most practical and comfortable one and get it started!

Through this route you will get to know the principal service of the region, and also the heart of its culture: the old fishing villages, from which they lived off for centuries. Car rental Alicante airport will allow you to visit each one of them, park around and enjoy an old school typical meal in the one you like the most. If you like fish you will have to taste it during this route.

When you take this route thanks to car rental Alicante airport, you take one risk: falling in love with one of the fishing villages and not wanting to leave. Well, with car rental Alicante airport you will be able to stay as long as you want, you won’t be depending on anything or anyone but yourself!

Why car rental Alicante airport is actually necessary

Alicante is the 8th province with more population in Spain, what makes even more necessary to car rental Alicante airport if you are planning to visit it. Since there are so many people per se, and it is as well one of the most touristic regions in Spain, you will find very hard to depend on public transportation (almost impossible). Not only it’s normally full and uncomfortable, but since the city centre is small, it’s not very frequent. So, if you would like to enjoy a free schedule with neither rush nor stress, choose car rental Alicante airport.

We think of time as the most precious factor when traveling. Walking Alicante can be a lot slower than usual, whilst car rental Alicante airport saves a lot of time without needing much fuel. The disadvantage is that it’s small but very crowded. People who live there may be used to walk to the beach, but if you really want to get to know the whole region and experience from their typical parties to the historical monuments, turning to car rental Alicante airport will be worth it. Car rental Alicante airport is mostly thought for small groups who are planning to visit for just a few days and want to enjoy every single minute of this trip.


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