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Your holiday getaway to Málaga is approaching, you start completing your travel arrangements, and you’re wondering which company to choose for hiring a car in Málaga. 

You want the best types of cover at the best price, and the search starts to get complicated …

It’s not an easy decision, so here we’ll explain all the aspects you need to take into account to ensure you make the decision that suits you best on your holiday.

Let’s get to it!


What to consider in order to decide which company to choose for hiring a car in Málaga


The more you start searching the net, the more you begin to have doubts about determining aspects in the process of deciding which company to choose for hiring a car in Málaga. From the most suitable car, to the rate that best suits your needs, to the choice of cover and extras, etc. Too many questions to be resolved! But relax! Here we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions.


Hiring a car in Málaga: frequently asked questions

  • Which car best suits my requirements?

To solve this question, the first thing you have to think about is, who am I going to travel with?

The type of vehicle you’re going to need will relate directly to this question and the nature of your trip.

I won’t need the same car if I’m travelling alone as I will if accompanied, if there are two of us or more, if I’m travelling with adults or also with children. In addition, the destination will also be decisive in the choice of your vehicle; for example, it’s not the same to travel to the beach as to the mountains. The mountains may require a higher vehicle, while the beach or city is more suited to a standard saloon car.

  • What budget can I allocate to the car hire?

This is a very important question in deciding which company to choose for hiring a car in Málaga. Not all companies have the same prices, so knowing what budget I have will determine the company I’m going to travel with. That said, always look for the best quality to price ratio, without giving up good cover, so that you can feel 100% safe on your trip.

  • What things should I give priority to in deciding which company to choose for hiring a car in Málaga?

To decide which company to choose for hiring a car in Málaga there are several aspects that you need to take into account; firstly each company’s rates, not only with regard to the price, but to the benefits that each one of them includes, and what suits you best. Secondly, the types of cover. Not every type of cover will do if you’re looking to feel protected on your trip. Choose the one you feel keeps you protected against all possible kinds of damages or setbacks that may arise on your holiday.

  • What extras might I need?

From child seats, if you’re travelling as a family, to exclusive Record go extras like the GoPad with built-in WiFi, which allows you to access GPS or use it as a source of entertainment inside and outside the vehicle. In addition, at Record go we offer you our “border crossing” service, with which you can travel without limits between Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra and France. Discover them all!

  • Which companies best suit my requirements?

If your needs include: being able to choose from amongst an extensive fleet of vehicles, being able to contract rates at the best price and with the best benefits, having at your disposal lots of extras to make your road trip through Malaga much more practical, and feeling 100% safe and covered in the event of any possible setbacks, stop asking yourself which company to choose for hiring a car in Málaga, because we are the company you were looking for!

  • Which company offers a better quality to price ratio?

At Record go you’ll find the best value for money when hiring your holiday car! Discover our rates and types of cover and you’ll leave all your doubts behind you.


Which company for hiring a car in Málaga? The best prices are at Record go!


Need further information in order to decide which company to choose for hiring a car in Málaga? We invite you to visit our website! Choose Málaga airport car hire as your destination, the vehicle group that best suits your needs and those of your trip, the most suitable rate and cover, and let yourself be surprised!

Whether you decide to book on our website or in person at the counter, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.  Your holidays start at Record go!


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