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Rent a car Menorca Record go (Spain)



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Rent a car in Menorca  


Rent a car in Menorca and explore the second largest of the Balearic Islands. Drive along its highways and discover its various idyllic landscapes, including white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and leafy forests.  


Summer is without a doubt the best season for visiting Menorca, as you can enjoy the sunny weather but the sea breeze also helps to control the temperature.  This means that the best time to visit is between June and September, so you can rent a car and discover the island’s coves and beaches.


Five reasons why you should rent a car in Menorca  


A car is a must-have in Menorca for reaching certain areas. It is also the most convenient form of transport, offering various other advantages.  


Avoiding crowds  

With your own rental car you can avoid the crowds of people on public transport.  Choose your travel buddy or buddies and enjoy Menorca with friends or family. 


Safe travel  

All of our vehicles follow the Go Safe hygiene and disinfection protocol, endorsed by various tourist industry seals of approval. You can also avoid any unpleasant surprises thanks to our rates with cover included.


Explore its landscapes at any time of the day

You’ll never miss a sunrise or a sunset when you have your own rental car, as you can choose your own travel schedule. You won’t have to rely on anyone but yourself.


Save time and money by using just one form of transport  

Save money and avoid making lots of complicated bookings by using just one means of transport for exploring the island. 


Personalise your own route as much as possible    

Because no two people like to travel in exactly the same way. If you choose to rent a car in Menorca, you’ll be able to plan your own routes. Choose our GoPad extra to stay connected at all times, and there’ll be nothing holding you back! 




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