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Record go reviews

On this page, you’ll find the answer to the most common questions that may arise when hiring a vehicle with Record go, all based on reviews of Record go and hiring experiences of our customers

We’ve compiled the queries repeated in the different portals containing reviews about Record go so that our customers can find answers to all of them on one page

Real reviews from our customers

This is a selection of Record go Reviews from all our branches.

This is how our customers talk about their experiences of renting with Record go.

Emma F
Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go
Palma de Mallorca Airport
Everything was smooth, no problems, fast service, reasonable price. Will use them again :) Actually rented a car from them last year and had a small accident. They where really helpful and understanding and the extra insurance I had bought covered everything.
Stephen C.
Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go
Alicante Airport
Used this company a few time now Prices are good !!customer service good New machines at Alicante airport make it quick and easy
Ruth B.
Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go Star rating opinions Record go
Málaga Airport
Can’t tell you how brilliant RECORD GO RENT A CAR are! Having been hiring cars in Spain for past 18 years I can honestly say that Record Go are the best. We always like to hire a car that we don’t have to worry about with extra insurance and cover so that ANY scratch or bump isn’t a problem. ( using a well known company in the past we’d been caught out with a dent we didn’t do but hadn’t noticed on collection so had to pay out £200.) With Record Go you can take out Complete Cover and it doesn’t cost the earth. We joined their email a couple of years ago and now get discounts - Astonishingly great value. Paid less than £200 for a weeks car hire of an automatic SUV with fully comprehensive insurance and COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND. Their checking in at Malaga has improved to be a slick operation using either do it yourself computer terminals or desk check in. Handing car back straight forward too . This was our 4th time with Record Go in Spain having collected in Alicante as well in the past. Well done Record Go and thank you.

Frequently asked questions about hiring with Record go

Summary of the most searched-for questions related to our hire services according to the comments, and our customers’ reviews about Record go.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Our customers usually ask us about the payment methods we accept. At Record go, both for the website payment option and the destination payment option, the only payment method we accept is by bank card, and only one card can be used per hire. Payment in cash is not accepted, either by smartphone or by cheque or bank transfer.

The cards we accept are the following:

  • Visa and MasterCard credit cards 
    Except prepaid cards

  • Visa and MasterCard debit cards
    Option not available for bookings with Fast Cover

  • American Express cards
    With the condition that the contract holder contracts our Total Comfort cover

  • Cartes EC-karte

  • UnionPay cards

What is Record go’s fuel policy?

At the time of picking up the vehicle, we always deliver the vehicle with a full tank and charge the amount of the tank as a deposit, and at the time of returning the vehicle, we will refund the amount corresponding to the fuel present in the tank.

In addition, our customers will always have to choose between returning the vehicle with a full tank or returning it empty (option not available at the Barcelona Sants office):

  • Full-full fuel return system:  
    You’ll have to return the vehicle with the tank full.
    If you fail to do so, we’ll charge you €30 for the refuelling service.

  • Full-empty fuel return system:
    At the time of picking up the vehicle, you’ll have to pay a service and refuelling charge.
    This charge is non-refundable and its amount varies according to the vehicle group hired, the type of fuel and the official petroleum prices on the day of the pick-up.

Is the cost of the tankful of fuel included in the online booking amount?

One of the most frequent queries made by our customers is whether the cost of the tankful of fuel is included in the online booking amount. The answer is that it’s not included. This amount is paid at the counter when the vehicle is picked up.

How long does it take Record go to return the amount for the cost of the tankful of fuel?

After hiring, some customers contact us to ask us when we will refund the amount for the cost of the tankful of fuel.

We always perform the refund automatically at the time of the return, when we check the fuel present in the tank, but it is the customer’s bank which has to put the refund into effect, so it may take a few days for the refund to be reflected in the customer's account. We always advise customers to contact their bank to check the status of the transaction.

What cover options are available at Record go?

On the Record go website we offer two types of cover:

Basic cover and Total Comfort cover.

Both include cover for collision and theft damage plus 24-hour roadside assistance.

The main differences between the two are the following:

  • Excess: basic cover is included in the hire price but includes an excess. The concept of ‘excess’ can be confusing, but it’s simply a deposit for damages.
    This means that, in the event of damages, the customer will be responsible for the payment of the damages produced up to the limit of the excess corresponding to the hired vehicle group.
    Record go blocks this deposit on the customer's card at the time of pick-up, so this amount won’t be available until it is unblocked after the hire period.
    If the customer contracts Total Comfort Cover, they won’t have to leave an excess deposit. The only exception is in premium groups, in which Total Comfort Cover does not eliminate the excess, but reduces it.

  • Roadside assistance: a 24 hour assistance service is offered in both types of cover. The difference is that, with Total Comfort Cover, the towing service and the taxi to get to the office are free. In contrast, with the basic cover, although the service is offered, it has an additional cost for the customer. 

 I already have insurance. Is it good for hiring withRecord go?

Sometimes, when our customers arrive at the counter, they already come with an insurance that is different from  Record go‘s, either because they have their own insurance or because they have hired the vehicle through an intermediary company and have contracted the insurance that company has offered them.  

If that's your case, when you get to the Record go counter you’ll have two options:

  • Leave a excess, or in other words a deposit for damages.
    This amount will be blocked on your card and will not be available until it is unblocked after the hire period.
    Should the vehicle suffer any damage, you’ll be responsible for paying it up to the limit of the excess. Subsequently, you can make arrangements with your insurance company to refund the amount for the damage.

  • Contract our Total Comfort Cover
    If you contract Total Comfort Cover, you won’t have to leave an excess deposit.
    The only exception is in premium groups, in which Total Comfort Cover does not eliminate the excess, but reduces it.

How long does it take Record go to unblock the excess amount?

The excess amount is unblocked automatically when the customer returns the vehicle. However, as with the fuel tank, it is the customer's bank that has to put the refund into effect, so it may take up to 30 days to appear in the customer's account.

Where should I leave the car keys if I return the vehicle outside office hours?

This is a fairly common question among customers returning the car at night. Many expect to find the office open and Record go staff waiting for them, but our offices are closed at night.

So, if the return time agreed in your hire contract is out of office hours, you simply have to deposit the keys in the postbox located at the Record go return office. To avoid theft of the vehicle, please do not give the key to anyone, under any circumstances.

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