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FENEVAL “COVID-19 Protected Area” seal


At Record go we have the “COVID-19 Protected Area” seal from the National Federation of Rental Vehicles With and Without Drivers (FENEVAL in Spanish). This seal certifies that we’ve introduced and adapted health and safety measures and protocols both in our vehicles and all our offices, thus offering the maximum guarantees of hygiene and safety.  

It’s a unique and specific seal for the vehicle rental sector, uniform for the whole of Spain and exclusively by means of a registration number for each company.  

This seal, launched by FENEVAL, not only requires commitment from companies to comply with the protocols, but is also audited by an external company which guarantees compliance with the established guidelines.   These measures are based on the tourist transport protocols of “Measures for the reduction of contagion by the Coronavirus. SARS-CoV-2” from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. 


What prevention protocols do we follow with regard to COVID-19? 


At Record go, every day we work on our Go Safe plan in order to offer you the safest mobility alternative.  

We’ve introduced digital information points in many of our branches, which together with online pre-registration and digitalization of contracts reduces contact time with users to a minimum.  In addition, we carry out exhaustive cleaning and disinfection, both in the interior and exterior of the vehicle, as well as other points of contact such as the keys to the vehicle. We pay special attention to sensitive areas such as the steering wheel, seatbelt, handbrake and indicators. We’ve also reinforced the hygiene processes on our buses so your transfer is safe.  


Cleaning and disinfection

Safe Tourism Certified

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