Our most affordable rate
Easy cover. You’re covered for windows and wheels. With excess according to the model. Reduced pre-authorization.
Premium Roadside Assistance. Worry-free travel.
Full-full fuel Pick up the car with a full tank and off you go!
Express pickup. At-counter priority.
Unlimited kilometrage. Your car hire with no limits.

Our most affordable rent a car rate



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What’s the Go Easy rate? 

If you’re planning a road trip, but you don’t want to pay extra, hire a car with our Go Easy rate. Take advantage of the freedom and safety that a rental car offers you, and now with the best value for money. Book now with our Easy Go Rate and obtain our most affordable rate, with no intermediaries and no surprises. 

The benefits of the Go Easy rate 

Travel with freedom, peace of mind and without having to count the kilometres. Just by booking your hire car on our website with the Go Easy rate, you’ll get all these benefits:  

At-counter priority  

Be the first to be served at our counter, and pick up your hire car without unnecessary waiting. Start your holiday as soon as possible.  

Wide range of models.  

With this rate, you can choose from affordable or family cars to SUVs or minivans, depending on your needs.  

Coverage and Premium roadside assistance  

This rate includes our Easy coverage which covers damage to windows and wheels. In addition, it has Premium roadside assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown.  

Full-full fuel return system  

We hand over your car with a full tank so you can begin your journey without having to stop to fill up. When returning the vehicle, deliver it with a full tank and we’ll refund you the amount of the tank. 


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Why hire a car with Record go?


If you’re looking to move around Spain and Portugal safely and comfortably, hiring a car is the solution for you. At Record go, you’ll find a large fleet of vehicles at the best price so you can enjoy your car rental with no surprises and without intermediaries:


With the Go Safe Plan, we’ve reinforced the standard cleaning processes of our rental cars to the highest standard and following disinfection protocols.


We speed up vehicle collection at our branches thanks to Easy Check in and our digital kiosks, the Just Go Boxes. In addition, your rental contract is digital in order to avoid unnecessary contact and waiting around.


We have a large and modern fleet.  Choose the type of vehicle for you  depending on whether you’re travelling and select the days you’ll need your car.

Rates with coverage

All our rates include either basic or full coverage. Enjoy your holiday with no nasty surprises.

No intermediaries

Always with the Record Go guarantee. With more than 15 years’ experience, we’re one of the top car rental companies in the Spanish holiday sector.


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